Epic Fly Rod Blanks

Epic fly rod blanks, worlds best fly rods
Epic blanks make the worlds best fly rods.

 Epic Fly Rod blanks make the worlds best fly rods


Epic® FastGlass®
Smooth. Powerful. Tough.

Epic® blanks are made to exacting standards using a proprietary S2-glass composite. This material features a fully unidirectional fibre layup which aligns fibers longitudinally along the blank. The result is an incredibly strong, light and powerful tube with a crisp, precise response. This recipe, rolled to our fast tapers combine silky smooth easy loading with trophy pulling power.


The taper.
High tech engineering, old school love.

Materials come and go, fly rods are all about tapers. Each blank in the Epic range is produced as a result of many hours of development, testing, and the most important metric, casting.  Our Epic range delivers fly rod blanks that balance power and accuracy with striking aesthetics and sheer casting pleasure.


Fly rods with soul.
Lively, crisp & responsive.

Epic FastGlass blanks are an extremely smooth casting blank that load at medium range and yet have the lifting power of rods in much heavier line classes. Each blank in the FastGlass series is constructed from unidirectional S-glass, a material that not only looks great in it’s natural state, but is incredibly strong, light and virtually bullet proof.


    Truth to the material.
    The right materials delivering the right solutions.

    Each blank is painted in such a way that the finish is semi-translucent, with each colour exhibiting a slightly different level of translucency. Our Nude blanks have no paint at all, they are all natural S2 glass material finished with a rock hard clear gloss coat. "Amber" is next on the translucency scale, then "Olive", "Salsa" and finally "So Blue" which still transmits some light but has the least translucency in the range.

    Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blanks



    What the experts say.

    "I really believe the EPIC 686 is by far the most popular GLASS streamer rod on the market. More often than not, I get requests for the 686 and most of the time in Salsa. Carl has created a wonderful, and powerful taper and folks love them!"
    - Shane Gray. Graywolf Rods

    "I will only touch on this for a second because everyone keeps hearing how phenomenal the 686 is. This is a phenomenal blank.
    The beauty is in the fact that the rod will lay out ten feet of line with the delicacy of a full flex cane, but when called upon fire 95' of line into a stiff breeze. It does all of this with a great deal of feel and composure that most rods will never achieve.
    It is quite possibly one of the best 6wts on the market glass, graph, or grass."
    - Zeb Tonkavich. Snowman Custom Rod Works

    "the Epic 686 is (f#$%'ing) magic in my hands. This fly rod is responsive, quick to load, and a powerhouse that lays out very long accurate casts with relative ease."
    - Cameron Mortenson. The Fiberglass Manifesto

    made in New Zealand
    Made in New Zealand


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    Epic 476 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank $323.00 NZD
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    Epic 480 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank $340.00 NZD
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    Epic 580 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank $340.00 NZD
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    Epic 686 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank $350.00 NZD
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    Epic 888 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank $350.00 NZD
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    Epic 990 Premium S2 Fiberglass Fly Rod blank So Blue
    Epic 990 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank $355.00 NZD
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    Epic Bandit 7' 9" 10#  FastGlass Fiberglass fly rod blank
    Epic Bandit $340.00 NZD
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    Epic DH11 Two Handed Blank
    Epic DH11 Two Handed Blank $385.00 NZD
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    Epic C series carbon fiber fly rod blank
    590 C series Carbon Fibre fly rod blank from $350.00 NZD
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    Epic 690 C Advanced Carbon Fiber Fly Rod Blank
    690 C series Carbon Fibre fly rod blank from $350.00 NZD
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