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There is No Other Blank Like an Epic Fly Rod Blank

More custom rod builders choose to build on our high performance S2 FastGlass blanks. 

"Nothing performs like an Epic blank - because nothing is made like an Epic blank."



Epic FastGlass Fibreglass Blanks.

My blank looks like it has imperfections in it.
Every Epic glass blank will exhibit some minor marbling, striations, or what may appear to be structural imperfections.  
This is purely cosmetic and is a feature of our translucent finish, the material and manufacturing process. Our FastGlass is not the conventional cross woven fibreglass mat that you are likely used to seeing. 

Our material features a longitudinal weave. The vast majority of fibres run lengthways up the blank - if our blanks are new to you, there may appear to be cracks in the underlying material. This is not the case and is a feature of our Unidirectional FastGlass.

Because our blanks are translucent you can see right into the tube and structural material. Minor cosmetic variations are present in all fly rods - the fact that most conventional rods are painted and opaque means that any cosmetic variance is hidden.
Our translucent finish means we have nothing to hide. These banks are incredibly strong!



Truth to the Material

Our Epic FastGlass blanks are absolutely gorgeous. Each blank is painted in such a way that the finish is semi-translucent, with each colour exhibiting a slightly different level of translucency. Our Nude blanks have no paint at all, they are our natural S2 glass material finished with a rock hard clear gloss coat. "Amber" is next on the translucency scale, then "Flame", "Olive", "Salsa" and finally "So Blue" which still transmits some light but has the least translucency in the range.

Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blanks


"Fast is Good, but Accurate is Better" - Billy the Kid

Trout Hunting

Stalking large trout at close range requires a rod that loads like a 4 weight but has the fish-handling power of a six. Rods must be tough, you can’t afford to worry about nursing your delicate 4 weight when a 6lb rainbow spooks at the net and charges off downstream. That's what we've built; a hybrid angling tool that combines the art and finesse of cane, the crispness of graphite and the brute strength and durability of modern S-glass.
The result is more than we hoped for, it’s Epic.

Forget any preconceived ideas you might have about glass, if you know your way around a fly rod, Epic FastGlass blanks are a game changer.


made in New ZealandMade in New Zealand
Carl McNeil,
IFFF Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor, Filmmaker,
Fly Fisherman.
Wanaka, New Zealand.

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