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What Trout Want - Bob Wyatt

  What Trout Want - Bob Wyatt


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What Trout Want - The Educated Trout & Other Myths

The highly anticipated Trout fishing book by Bob Wyatt

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What Trout Want

In What Trout Want, Bob Wyatt busts one of fly-fishing’s biggest myths -selectivity- and teaches readers how to 
  • Simplify fly pattern design
  • Reduce the number of patterns needed
  • Improve presentation and stealth
  • Catch pressured trout

Catching trout simplified
  • A brilliantly written and well-crafted exposé fly fishing's greatest myths--selectivity, matching the hatch, pressured fish, fish feeling pain, precise imitations, drag-free drifts
  • Recipes for the author's tried-and-true patterns
  • Practical, down-to-earth suggestions for catching fish
  Bob Wyatt writes, paints, and fishes from his base in Middlemarch, a semi-ghost town on the Taieri River in New Zealand's South Island. Born in Canada, Bob Wyatt has been a fly fisherman since the late fifties, having cut his angling teeth on the classic freestone rivers of Alberta and British Columbia. His writing on fly fishing and related topics has appeared in Gray's Sporting Journal, Fly Rod & Reel, the UK's Fly Fishing & Fly Tying, and Australia's FlyLife magazine.
“Wyatt is not afraid to challenge the 'received view' and to shake the trees of some famous writers on both sides of the Atlantic. He describes himself as 'a hard core presentationist and impressionist' and dismisses notions of conscious selectivity and trout intelligence. And good on him because what he says is true; there is so much nonsense nowadays about the demands of fooling increasingly ‘educated’ trout. Wyatt makes an important distinction between the ‘disturbed and spooky’ trout and the popular perception of a ‘suspicious and selective’ trout.” Rob Sloane, Fly Life Magazine, reviewing Trout Hunting: The Pursuit of Happiness

"Every angler should have this book immediately accessible from the armchair, positioned with a notepad handy to ensure its lessons are not easily lost." Eddie Young, Trout and Salmon magazine

"This is a book which you need to read more than once to get the best out of it and it is a book that can stand being read again, and even again." Terry Lawton, Fish & Fly

The flies featured in What Trout Want are featured in two comprehensive fly tying DVD's Flies that Catch Fish Volume one & Two

Each DVD features step by step instructions from Bob and includes over 30 minutes of interviews and wisdom from the Author.

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