At Swift we use premium components and time honoured techniques to handcraft the world's most remarkable fly rods.

At Swift we design and create small runs of unique, extremely high quality fly rods. You'll find none better.
Epic fly rods incorporate the classic designers concept of “Truth to the Material” which holds that any material should be used where it is most appropriate and its nature should not be hidden. With this ethos in mind each Epic fly rod uses components that we believe are the very best. Each fly rod is handcrafted one at a time in our small studio workshop - no detail is overlooked.

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Destino Yelcho en la Patagonia.

PatagoniaYelcho region Patagonia - two beautiful video clips from this stunning region.
  • Carl McNeil

Get a Grip - Fly Casting Styles - Pt II the Key Grip

Fly Casting Grips - the V gripImagine you are holding a set of keys and about to unlock your front door - that’s pretty much it. Knuckles facing up and out, palm down, heel of the thumb down on the grip. You'll form a nice V between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Carl McNeil

Carbon Fibre Rod Kits (re) Release

Build your own fly rod
NEW carbon fibre fly rod kit options
  • Carl McNeil

Get a grip - Fly casting grip styles

Fly casting grip styles Carl McNeil

Most fly casters are pretty well focused on improving their fly cast, but few of us give much thought to how we actually grip a fly rod.

Over the next few posts we’ll take a look at the three most commonly used grips and their pro’s and con’s - no particular grip is right or wrong, but each does have some influence on how you move a fly rod and deliver a line.

  • Carl McNeil