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    "Another beautiful Epic to my quiver. Great rods to cast and fish!"
    Dave D
      "Another great Epic, keep em comin y’all!"
      Peter Branbury
      I sold my Scott to get this rod
        "I f you are a Scott user you need to sit down, take account. I was a Scott user for years, and by comparison to this Epic 690C by Radian was junk, so much so I went out and sold it to buy this rod. The Epic is lighter, it also has a lower swing-weight, the guides are better, the wraps are 10 x’s better, the reel seat blows the Scott away, the blank is more beautiful and the wraps on the Epic make the Scott look decidedly amateur. BUT MOST OF ALL. The Epic outcasts the Scott by a country mile, that is to say the Epic 690C is pure fly casting pleasure, it’s so smooth and so effortless by comparison to the Scott that I thought was so good. By comparison after casting the Epic my Radian felt like it had a cinderblock at the tip. We’re all buying into the Sage Scott marketing hype when the guys that are actually making the best fly rods are Epic down in New Zealand. Needless to say, after this experience I sold my Scott to purchase the Epic, and today I'm doing that again! Keep it up Epic!!"
        Brandon H.
        They’ve done it again
          "Without exception every Epic I i’ve cast is phenomenal in the hand, the new 890C is no exception, it’s now my perfect Seatrout rod too!"
          Timothy B
          Consistently great fly rods
            "Always good, this one is great and they needed a 10 in their lineup, perfect."
            Randy Grant
            Simple the best fly rod blank ever made
              "These are the best casting blanks anywhere. Nothing comes close to these epics. I have no reservation recommending them to anyone."
              At last!!!
                "Wanted it, now it’s here and its as expected, perfect."
                Douglas M
                Best best best
                  "Ive been building on Mudhole blanks - they don’t cast anything like these! Glad I found Epic"
                  Alfonso K
                  Amazing quality and Terrific Service
                    "My goodness, when my new Blue 888 arrived I could not believe how beautiful it was. The craftsmanship is so much better than any rod I’ve ever seen!!! The 888 is smooth loading, a dream to cast and has a ton of power - I’m yet to land a really big Pike on it but can’t wait!"
                    Craig Smith
                    Stroft ABR Tippet
                      "I'm very impressed with this tippet - it would have to be the strongest I've used. Performed as I had hoped on a recent spawn-run trip."
                      Rory G.
                      Lunar AC2 reel
                        "The reel cane well packaged with instructions which were simple to understand. The reel mates well with all the fly rods to which I have introduced it. The reel is attractive and functions perfectly and feels natural and pleasing. Well done. "
                        JAY G.
                        I love my epic fly rods!
                          "I recently started buying and building Epic Blanks. I started like everyone else by purchasing my favorite size and got an 888. Then I bought another a month later, currently building the Boca, and getting ready to order a bandit. These fiberglass rods are unmatched in strength and action. I use them solely in saltwater and they are always ready to handle a tarpon, bonefish, permit, and giant tarpon or jack. They are beautiful, strong, and paired with matching customer service. Buy an Epic rod and fall you will fall in love with the product and the people. Nick Moscon Salt and Stream Customs Fayetteville, AR"
                          NIck M.
                          Thanks for you follow up and great service
                            "My overall experience from researching, ordering, and receiving a personalised 590C was brilliant - exceptional quality at every level and I can't wait to land my first fish with it. Thank you"
                            Tony S.
                              "Awesome customer service, even better product "
                              Rhys H.
                              Dead sexy well made rod
                                "Beautifully finished rod, and matches the Lunar reel oh so well. Partnered with an appropriate 5 wgt line, the rod casts a beautiful line. "
                                John N.
                                4 piece 4 wt
                                  "a joy to hold a magic wand to cast!"
                                  Great thread!!!
                                    "This silk thread wraps easily and comes in some great colors. I’ve used the natural, blue, dark green and charteuse. The natural can be completely clear if you desire. The other colors look great translucent, or they also respond very well to color preserver. I’ve built a couple rods using the rod building kits and would use this silk thread for future builds as well"
                                    Charles J.
                                    Fantastic kit! My new go to rod for almost everything!
                                      "After having fished this for a while i am really pelased with the result of the rod. The feel of the rod and the flex is really something else compared to the old #7 graphite rod i used to bring for saltwater fishing. The 686 have become my new seatrout rod, but it will also be my main rod when fishing wet flies/streamers in larger lakes/streams. As for the kit and the building itself, the included instructions were really good. Overall easy to build, but a bit time consuming when trying to make all the wraps etc. perfect. All the parts feel like top quality, and overall i havent really found anything to complain about. Learned a lot about rod building, and i am now thinking about buying a second blank! "
                                      Ole V.
                                      So worth it !
                                        "Once again,nothing but quality to work with ! So enjoyable to put this kit together bit by bit, and know your going to end with a rod that cant be beaten, for the best casting and fish fighting gratification. If you can tie a fly, you can certainly build one of these beauts, and it really is worth it ! "
                                        Michael L.
                                        Very Happy
                                          "I’ve just finished my 476 build - and very happy with the result. The equipment and instructions provided were spot on. Appreciated the tips and service along the way too. Great way to step into rod building. "
                                          Graeme R.
                                          590C fly rod
                                            "Like it’s big brother the 690C this rod is a beauty. "
                                            Peter H.
                                            New and Improved
                                              "I had a very early one and decide to upgrade to this new bank design - very happy I did!"
                                              Dan H
                                              5/5 star experience
                                                "5/5 star experience. Personable/professional interaction on phone ordering rod from USA. Product quality of construction 5/5 star. Packaging/shipping was great. Nice case! Rod works very well with Hatch reel."
                                                Spencer C.
                                                My Perfect Pike Rod!!
                                                  "First up the rod is amazingly well built and as has been said before the service from Swift is second to none. My 1080 Swift bandit Perfect for what I do, chase big Pike!!!"
                                                  Tony Babcock
                                                  Epic 690 c
                                                    "Hi Carl,Jeanie,Hayley and Trevor,my 690 c arrived yesterday,awesome rod,build quality second to none.Especially impressed with the cork grip,it allows you to really feel the blank working and what a great blank it is,better than the other top brands that i own (you know who they are) it will do anything you ask of it,just let the rod do the work.Anyhow will be taking it on a six week guiding trip to the States,won't let the clients use it but i may let them look at it though ! Went down to the river with it today and was lucky enough to catch two fresh run sea trout of 3 and 4 pounds-effortless,got to be the best 9ft 6wt rod available on the market today. Thumbs up to Swift and Epic,i feel a 590 c coming on ! cheers,Pete Gordon."
                                                    Pete G.
                                                    This is what a fly rod should be
                                                      "Smooth, loads short, loads long, has a surprising amount of power and is featherlight in the hand and is absolutely stunning! No better rod made in my book, happy I found you!"
                                                      Tony G.
                                                      Don’t know whats better
                                                        "Not sure what is better, the Epic 590C fly rod, or the Epic serves. -both are stellar, thank you!"
                                                        Unrivaled casting
                                                          "Best 5, best 6, hell they are all some damn good!"
                                                          Sean H
                                                            "This is a standout fly rod carrying on in the same tradition as the wonderfull 590 and 690C, well done guys"
                                                            Tony TOny
                                                            Light and tasty
                                                              "The 8 is a big 690C, with is about the best blank ever made."

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