Epic Reviews

Epic guide set
"Fabulous guides. Durable, functional and attractive. They work beautifully on my Epic carbon fibre 6wt build and have greatly improved the performance of another recent 6wt rebuild. They are very easy to tie with the curved base. I am very happy with them. "
John O.
The Epic 686, it’s all True
"If you’ve researched high end Quilty glass rods you would have read about the Epic 686. Its all true, the 686 is a fantastic taper, beautifully built, handles just about anything and is a total joy to fish. Highly recommend! - and as has been easing time over, the service for the team at Swift cannot be faulted - great bunch of people."
Greg Randall
Rod Turner experience
"On unpacking the instrument I was slightly perplexed that there was no instruction leaflet but a quick look at the images on the Swift website showed me how to set it up. I mounted the two stands on a wide board with a groove running along one edge into which I inserted a sliding plate drilled to accept a bobbin nozzle. This made whipping the guides a lot easier. When it was time to apply resin, I removed the top of one and placed the motor in its stead. Because I wanted to do the whole rod rather than one section at a time I set up additional bearers using the cardboard notched panels included in the rod kit but needed to do something different for the top section. This I hung under the main section using rubber bands as a drive, kept in line by pairs of cardboard discs either side. I am delighted with the results and was pleased to be complimented by a master rod builder (who works for the opposition)."
Peter A.
DH13 6/7
"Very happy can casting with this light weight 6 piece travel Spey rod, very good casting feel, I tried the 450/500/540 grains Rio skagit max and Airflo skagit G2 , 450-500 is the best match"
Rod review
"Awesome, great color and action"
Richard B.
"the delivery of the product to me was outstanding. I like the product very much. I wished my eyesight was better."
Absolutely awesome
"Pick this up for my first build, all the parts fit exactly like they should. Its already wrapped and ready for epoxy. Will gladly buy from you guys again. I am planning on getting a 2 hander from you guys quite soon "
Drew S.
"Great product, outstanding customer service and delivery. I live in Texas and I received my items as fast a domestic order."
Epic Glasslines
"After purchasing an Epic 5DT line I was amazed at the smoothness and my ability to achieve delicate presentations up to the 70 ft mark and beyond, well on the grass anyway. The blurb stated no line memory and it is right, the line comes up off the grass and shoots through the guides effortlessly and I'm no expert. I was impressed enough to purchase an Epic 5WF line as well. Although the two lines have different casting characteristics I could not be more pleased and would recommend these lines to anyone. Can't wait to get up to Tassies highland lakes and put them to use with my Epic 590C. Peter Harley, Pipers Brook, Tasmania."
Peter H.
EPIC 376
"Beautiful Moka color, light, sweet but not à niddle. Fastglass is my favorite blank. "
Laurent V.
590C Ready To Wrap Fly Rod Kit-Blem?
"This kit was suppose to be a blem. I'm still trying to find the blem. My advise would be to buy as many of these kits as you can before they find out what they are really worth. ---D. Paul in Arizona---"
Donald P.
Patagonia- Spring Creek
"I made this rod in a class with Kevin Howell of Davidson River Outfitters in North Carolina in his rod making class. He said that this might be my go to rod in big winds in a trip with Bill Oyster Bamboo Rods on a group trip to Spring Creek Lodge in Patagonia, Argentina. I am a novice in big waters. I used my 5 and 7 wt. bamboo rods that I made in the Oyster class for dry fly fishing for the first three days in smaller waters and used the Epic 690 C on the 4 day float trip in bigger waters with sinking line and floating line. Afternoons were windy! I caught a 19 inch Brown and an 18 inch Rainbow on the Epic and a lot of other fish. At the camp one of the members of my group called me Mr. Brown because he saw the Brown jump 4-5 times and noted the improvement in my casting on big water. By the end of the trip one of the guides gave me a thumbs up on my distance casting with sinking line. Two of the guides liked the rod and commented that it was so light for a 6 weight. Again, I am a novice, but I give this rod a five star as do all those that I mentioned. I recently purchased 3 and 6 weight Fastglass kits and look forward to making them. "
Jim Lopez
Epic 686
"This is the 5th rod I’ve purchased from swift fly fishing. Great sales experience as usual with fast shipping to USA. It only took a week to get it. The quality of the rod was perfect as expected and I love the new design of the rod tube. "
Chris G.
"Even though it's winter here in New Hampshire, I found some open water and took my brand-new Epic 686 out for a test drive. Results? What a vivacious, exuberant personality this rod has! It feels like it WANTS to go fishing, can't wait to get to work; really, it's a crime to leave the rod caged up in a case! I own over thirty fly rods, but the Epic has immediately taken over as my favorite, not least for that drop-dead gorgeous so blue color. After trying it with a variety of weight lines, and an assortment of different flies, I think I may have found the means to try an experiment I've been toying with for many years: to fish one rod and one rod only all season long, no matter what the fish I'm after, no matter what kind of water. I'm convinced the Epic 868 has the versatility to pull this off with panache to spare. W. D. Wetherell (author, "A River Trilogy," Skyhorse Publishing, NY, 2018)"
Everything you need to build a world class rod..
"Up until now I've only had experience with Epic glass rods, but this carbon 6 weight was a sight to behold. It's a beautiful, clean and incredibly light blank, I can't wait to take it on the water!"
Oliver S.
A Bandit for the Seychelles
"It's going to be a long few months until I can cast this Bandit on the flats of the Seychelles (along with an 888) but putting the rods together was a blast. Thanks to everyone at Swift for the excellent products and service!"
Oliver S.
Fantastic Kits
"A bunch of us put together some kits over a weekend, most have never built a rod before but the kits made it easy. Every tiny detail was planned for and the quality of the components is top notch. (There's more than enough thread and epoxy in each kit to make 3 or 4 rods.) Everyone had a blast and was thrilled with the finished rods. The season opening here in Switzerland is in a few weeks and three shiny new packlights will be there on day one..."
Oliver S.
Very sweet action, yet no noodle either
"This blank makes one sweet fly rod: its smooth and accurate and although being fiberglass its remains still relatively quick, absolutely perfect for the required job: close to mid-range dry fly fishing. It oozes "Mayfly" from every pore. Fighting fish with it is a great pleasure every angler needs to experience. "
Perfect reel
"Stunning reel , perfect weigth , FIT and finish 😍 one of my best reels!! "
Remi L.
Epic Fly Rod Turner & Drying Motor
"Very pleased with the product. Does what it supposed to do and does it great. Already made 2 new rods with it. "
Ville L.
590C build
"Well, first build of an Epic kit. Freight time from NZ to Tasmania was exceptional and easy to track. After initial nerves and a few little errors that the instruction booklet explained how to fix I thoroughly enjoyed the process and what a product. The rod looks good, feels good and is a joy to cast, once I had trained myself to slow down my action. My only regret is not ordering the Epic rod drying kit at the same time, but I did source a battery powered rotisserie in Aust and made a full length jig from left over pine at home. All in all a wonderful experience and I would recommend you to anyone, thanks for the follow up communications. Peter."
Peter H.
"Got the rod blank and it looks great "salsa". Can't wait to get it built and try it out on some Redfish. Also planning to use it on the lakes for bass."
David S.
A lot of snow for now, even then had a chance to play with it it feel wonderfull
"More to come in spring time."
Alain L.
Only amazing
"finally I could have a little test of my new 690C and the lunar reel today. I dit not expect anything else, it was a great experience, only amazing. Equipped with a Rio Costal Quick Shooter even the first throws after the long winter break succeded perfectly! Also the reel works very fine, the whole combo, great. I´m looking forward to fish at the 1st of march on seatrout at the lake walchensee. "
a great experience
"Hey Hayley and the whole swiftflyfishing Team, finally I could have a little test of my new 690C and the lunar reel today. I dit not expect anything else, it was a great experience, only amazing. Equipped with a Rio Costal Quick Shooter even the first throws after the long winter break succeded perfectly! Also the reel works very fine, the whole combo, great. I´m looking forward to fish at the 1st of march on seatrout at the lake walchensee"
Peter Klug
"First it is the most exquisite work of art I've ever seen in a fly rod. It arrived in the middle of a snow storm but I couldn't resist. I saw cars driving by looking at the crazy guy lawn casting a green rod in the snow. I put out 70 feet in a parka while the flakes were coming down. Can't wait to hit the water. Thanks Swift!"
harold wilson
Nice bit of kit
"Well made and well engineered reel. A bit stiff in the drag to start with but the more use it gets, the better it becomes. It's now not a problem. Happily fits a WF5 line with about 75 metres of backing. (If a fish takes me to that then good luck to it)Lovely sexy reel worthy of anyone's rod... "
John N.
DH13 two hander 5/6 weight
"As I’ve come to expect from Epic kits (this is my fourth build on an Epic blank), everything in the kit was top-notch (the cork is just amazing!). I’ve fished it regularly over the last month and absolutely love it. It was exactly what I was after. Light in the hand, crisp with the power to deal with big water and strong fish. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this rod to anyone in the market for a light two-hander."
Dean O.
888 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank
"The 888 is a great fly rod and certainly one of the best in the Epic stable. The service from the Swift team was great as usual."
Derek S.
DH11 kit build.
"Called into the shop in Wanaka 4 days before Christmas at 4:00 pm to purchase rod, friendly staff quickly assembled the kit for me. OK the kit was in a brown envelope and rod blank in the tube, but it was all there for the short ride home. The blank was perfect, no marks or blemish, the rest of the kit was as advertised, quality. The cork grips are quite large in diameter, which is good for my big hands. This was my second Epic build so it was pretty straight forward . Only issue I had was trying to find the guide spacing on your website, can please make the link easier to find. The rod is beautiful to cast, I am using a 450 gr head, I was sceptical about how the rod would handle the wide range of heads, but not now, I know it will handle a 540 gr head with out any problem. A great very versatile rod and I like bring different, carrying 2 fibreglass rods out fishing South Island waters, nothing old school about these rods. "