Epic Reviews

Epic Fastglass 888
"Last year I bought a fastglass 868 for estuary work and was so impressed I decided I needed a fastglass 888. I used it for the first time in Sydney targeting yellowtail kingfish and it was awesome. It casts brilliantly and handles fish with aplomb. I'll be looking to get the 10wt Bandit in the future. "
Neil M.
I'm in love :)
"I love how much more confidence the Epic rod gives makes my casting look like I know what I'm doing. I bought the kit and a dear friend built the rod for me...what a legend and what a rod. Great service from the Epic team :)"
Dawn H.
Awesome rod
"I just the rod for golden mahseer is perfect "
Theerapong L.
Boca Grande 12wt.
"This is my 4th Epic build and things worked out great! I expect this rod will tame a few mako sharks this Summer. "
Thomas L.
A HappyChristmas Gift
"So far I am in the process of building the rod. Unfortunately work has reared its ugly head and time is not something I have a lot of. My purchase experience was awesome. Everyone treated me great. The rod came with everything you need. and is a quality, class act product. I'll drop you a line when I finish it. And after I fish with it. "
David J.
686 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank - Blem
"When I recieved this blank I gave it a thorough inspection, I could not find any blemish worth even mentioning. I was well impressed and it makes me wonder just how good the perfect blanks must be. After building the rod I took it to a local river for a cast, I can safely say I loved the smooth action. It is a good bit faster than the glass rods I used to fish many years ago. It is set to become my number one rod when hiking to my favourite hill lochs. I am sure I will be ordering another before long. "
David F.
Tony Barnett
"The experience has been great so far, still a work in progress, great instruction book and easy to follow. Thanks so much and will hopefully be finished in the coming week or two."
Tony B.
The best of the best.
"Not only fun and easy to build but a wonderful rod at the end of it. Rated at 6wt but can handle 8wt no problem. "
Andrew C.
Super Slim Fly boxes …. 168 large & 108 medium
"Have them both locked and loaded! Easy to fit slots for small and large flies. Excellent clear case for quick ID of flies. Refer to pics sent by SMS, better if you have WhatsApp"
My new fly rod is a Boca Grande !!!
"The BocaGrande is my fourth Epic Fastglass fly rod. I like these rods: they are light, balanced, robust, nice to cast, and ... just beautiful. In addition, the rod builing with the Epic kit is relatively easy, fun and very valorizing."
Dominique F.
Into the future to step back in time
"It's early yet as we are in close season. The targets were placed in the back garden as they were forty years ago and the rod was loaded with the new flyline from swift. This same journey started forty years ago with an old glass rod I did my best as a twelve year old but I was a novice caster and the tools were poor. Now however with the new epic rod I hit every target every time. It has helped that I have represented my country in world fly-fishing championships and my skill levels are far more than what they were when I first used fibreglass rods but this epic journey was a new dawn. This rod was every bit as accurate as my top of the range modern wands. This felt magic and all that is left is for the boy in me to step back in time on my favorite stretch of Irish rivers with a rod from the future and land my first fish in forty years on a glass fibre wand. Thanks for what will be a new beginning for me. "
declan k.
686 review
"As it’s the beginning of winter here, I can’t give an overall rating on the rod, but can say....”she is a beaut and can’t wait to test it out on the water!”. A further review will happen in the spring "
Cory E.
How is there not more talk of the 590?!
"I build primarily on fiberglass blanks but wanting to build some sort of fly rod for a family member for Christmas meant that I had to be flexible. Honestly, I was pretty excited when they chose a 9' 5 weight as I've been wanting to try out Epic's carbon fiber rods for years. The fit and finish of the blank is of the highest quality that any previous customer has come to expect. Through the build, there wasn't any issues or any sort of anomalies. Once it was finished, the owner took it outside and really enjoyed it. Then, it was my turn. I over-lined the rod with a 6.5 weight line for shorter casts and it was incredibly crisp and accurate. There was very little-to-none oscillations of the rod tip. Every kind of cast...shooting line, reach cast, curve casts, etc. were performed flawlessly. There is a ton of "feel" with a great sense of power. It was a pleasure to build and to cast. The word has to get out! This blank is amazing! "
J. Nicholl
The rod exceeded all expectations in every way
"One word sums up my new 370 FastGlass, badass, if in fact that's a word... The best way I can describe it is, "where tech meets tradition." Never had I anticipated the arrival of a new fly rod more, and I currently own two dozen premium rods and have had another few dozen move through my personal inventory over the years. The rod exceeded all expectations and in every way - action, tracking, dampening, aesthetics, components, workmanship, packaging. Clearly Epic has taken fiberglass rods to the next level I've owned E-glass, S-glass, and now Unidirectional S-2 Glass. While all have their place, the Epic FastGlass is in a class all by itself as far as overall performance goes. Not truly fast, but faster than my other glass, and in a good way. Casts in tight, but can reach out. Roll-casts well. Haven't seen a weakness yet and don't expect to. Clearly Epic has taken fiberglass rods to the next level. Only problem is I now want more. Having limited my use of glass to small stream fishing in the past, I am now wondering what the right rod could do on my home river? Bob Mallard - Former Fly Shop owner, Guide, Author, Writer, Fly Designer, and Native Fish Advocate. *Publisher, Fly Fish America Magazine: *National Vice Chair, Native Fish Coalition *Columnist, Southern Trout Online Magazine *Registered Maine Guide*Fly Designer, Catch Fly Fishing"
Bob M.
Epic Standard 580
"I won’t be long winded with this review. The quality of this rod is absolutely tops. It casts like no other fiberglass rod I’ve ever used. I was expecting greatness and I got it. I am happy to recommend Epic without any reservations. It is a standard setter. I’ve also had it out on the water once and landed a 20 +“ rainbow. It plays fish very well and protects tippet. In summary, an excellent rod in all respects. "
Mickey F.
Wonderful rod and really easy kit to build.
"Great fun to build and then use the rod. What more can I say? "
Andrew C.
Epic 580 Fast Glass
"I received the product really quick and it came just as promised. All packed and ready to build. So far I am half way through the build and getting really excited when it is finished. The product is top class. Can't wait to finish it and use it. "
Mark M.
DH13 Two Handed Spey Rod Kit
"When I went on a long trip, I bought it because it was easy to carry around. I like cool action and line control, too. I think it will be helpful for me to travel to Patagonia in February 2018"
shin j.
Big Bad Bandit
"The experience in dealing with Swift is as exceptional as the product itself. This was my first time in building a rod myself and a recent love of glass saw me bite the bullet. I really loved the communication and updates from Swift during the purchase. What really blew me away was the quality of the blank, components and instructions. I was surprised at how easy the build was, particularly if you took time to read the instructions and enjoy the process. The rod really is fantastic at punching big flies designed for Murray Cod. Thanks again and I'm sure I will build more rods from your stable"
Paul V.
Guides choice bi focals
"Great glasses, they suit the job perfectly! Cheers"
Epic Rod Kits
"Am so excited about this company and products. Ordered the rod kit working with a master builder (John Miao - Chicago - look him up!)). It arrived very promptly, packaged nicely. The manual is extensive and detailed. The product itself looks to be very high quality and everything is in order. Box serves as building stand. This is such fun!"
John W.
Epic 370 - Very smooth and also super-lightweight cast
"I bought the Epic 370 - Ready to Wrap Kit. The kit is so easy to use and makes fly rod building an easy and fun task. The Epic 370 rod is ideal for small streams and spring creeks and also for the kids to learn fly fishing. Very smooth and also super-lightweight cast. I`d probably buy another one in the future. Thank all the Epic team !!!"
Sebastian O.
Epic standard 690C
"Effortless casting! Smooth and extremely light. A real joy to fish with."
Sweet little kit
"Been wanting to try one of these for ages. Really enjoyed the whole experience, and especially working with good quality materials that worked together perfectly. First day on the water saw two little rainbows brought to the bank. Hopefully, many more to come :-)"
Andrew H.
Top of the glass
"Great fun to build. Great fun to use. Especially with home tied flies. The rod can handle heavier than 4 wt lines too. "
Andrew C.
New glassrod
"Purchased a 580 glass rod ,olive colour with black reel seat and inscription couldn't be happier,rod looks fantastic and casts beautifully with the glass line to match ,ordered the rod which only took a bit over 2 weeks to arrive at my door ,"
Shane H.
High expectations delivered
"Again, quality goods only ! Great to look at, great to build on and, really great to cast. My second go with this blank (high confidence from the first one) and I had to check out the "sure fit system", Perfect match ! what a great system."
Michael L.
Bandit FastGlass
"Just got back from Belize, using this rod. The rod turned out great. It takes a bit to get used to casting with the slightly slower speed rod in the heavy wind out on the flats, but catching those powerful fish on this rod is more than fun. Rod casts well and can put a lot of power on the fish. Excellent product for my second FastGlass!"
Joel S.
Rod Building
"Hi Haley, thanks for getting in touch regarding my purchase of the 686 Rod Kit, I haven’t actually started the build as yet, 2 reasons, my wife is due to have surgery in a weeks time and I’m also in the process of building a Rod Drier and also a Mechical Power Wrapper, I will of course do a hand build firstly and then graduate to the Power Tools, I’m looking forward to taking this project more seriously with future builds. I will of course keep you informed of my progress and look forward buying more kits in the near future. Best Regards, John Cotton"
John C.
Epic 690c with Ross
"The rod is the finest I've ever fished across Orvis, Sage, Winston to mention a few. You can feel it load well and the tip is ideal for setting hooks, just right. The combo is excellent although the reel developed a squeak which you remediated for me. Nonetheless, a little more care by Ross in ensuring reels come to you properly lubricated would be desirable. Despite this minor observation, I was delighted with the combo and look forward to many years of usage. Kind thanks!!"