Epic Reviews

Epic bandit
"Je vais utiliser ma bandit pour la premiere fois, la semaine prochaine chez, Norbert renaud, je vous donnerai mes impressions lors de ce voyage "
Michel P.
686 fastglass
"It is an excellent fly rod and I love the workmanship that has gone into making it,Its very easy to use and lays out a nice cast, the only thing I was disappointed with was that it didn’t have a keeper eye just above the handle to hook your fly into when not fishing ."
Peter V.
The best glass fiber i never used
"I'm tested my Boca Grande with a big Arapima Flyfishing is awesome Many thanks "
Epic Glassline Weight Forward
"Exceptional. Had it out on the Cardrona in the weekend in small water it was very accurate and presented perfectly. "
Michael W.
Amazing combination of feel, power, and accuracy for small streams!
"A trip to a heavily-wooded creek with a rod that was about two feet too long was convincing enough to look for something a little smaller and lighter. Being a fan of glass rods, it was a “no brainer:” The 370 is incredibly light but strong enough to get the job done on some of those brown and brook trout holding in creek structures. Whether roll casting, overhead casting, and with just a little fly line hanging out of the tip top, this rod performs flawlessly in those sort of situations. Not to mention the color and “snake belly” finish adding to the visual appeal. "
J. N.
The 580 continues to be the workhorse...and for good reason
"When customers ask my opinion on which rod to choose, the best advice is to buy the highest quality rod that will allow them to do what they want to do, the most often. The majority of the time, that’s trout fishing and I steer them towards the 580. It has delicacy for dries, power for small streamers, and the ability to work small nymphing rigs. Not to mention, the backbone to handle trout with ease....and then some. The new blank, somehow, improved upon the last one and it’s a dream to build-up and fish. Extremely versatile and smooth! "
Joseph N.
Boca Grande - Master Blaster
"Built a few Epic rods now, and have to say this might be my fav. The components are all top shelf, from the double up locking rings on the reel seat to the additional stripping guides and larger fighting butt. I have no doubt this rod will handle anything I chase with it."
Richard G.
Outstanding performance
"I’ve long been a fan of the Fast Glass rods and have pretty much exclusively fished the 480-3 on local trout streams for the last eighteen months or so. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to cast two of the carbon rods, the 690C and 7130C DH. With an Alaskan rainbow trip around the corner I decided to invest in the 8wt. I was not disappointed: it threw 540-570 grain Skagit lines with 10’ T-14 tips and medium-sized weighted streamers with ease and was a joy to cast a Scandi line on too. I’m still relatively new to spey casting and I haven’t tried all that many DH rods so it’s difficult to describe the action other than that it feels considerably faster in the tip, yet you still feel the rod load all the way down and it has a ton of backbone when you need it. Not only is it incredibly compact, making it a breeze to travel with, but it is also surprising light, perfect for long days on the river. In short, I’ll be hard pressed to find a reason to take my other ‘big rod’ out anytime soon. Fingers crossed an opportunity will arise to treat myself to the 6wt."
David K.
EPIC Bandit 1080 ready to wrap kit
"I was tried out the Swift Epic Bandit “ready to wrap kit”. The concept behind Swift Flyfishing Company and the Epic rods is absolute great with a big focus of performance and customer satisfaction. The ordering was very simple and the shipping was transparent due to continually information by Swift. I like that! The kit content was really great! Just with very good components like e.g. APLS Titanium Stripper guides, Reel seat (I think it`s an ALPS as well) Rod Dancer glue kit and high grade cork grip. No additional efforts in terms of drilling the grip or rework at the guides. All components was fitted very well and it was really easy to assembly it together. The delivered silk 212 from was very good to create the wonderful looking “ghost wraps”. In this case I fluxed the high quality Rod Dancer treatmaster a bit with acetone for better wrap impregnating to get an absolute crystal clear picture for the first step. The second step was without acetone and the ghost wraps was top! Finally let me say: Great concept with an high demand in terms of performance and design (as I`ve mentioned before ;-)) Now I`ll go fishing / testing the rod on the water… "
Adrian H.
Bloody Ripper!
"Holy Moly, what a cracking rod! I have a number of high-end fly rods and the Epic 590C has become my number one by far. In fact, I would suggest that this is the nicest 5 weight rod EVER. It's light, responsive, accurate enough for those pin-point dry fly presentations, yet powerful enough to blast out line to beat all your mates to the rise. The building process, while a new experience for a muppet like me, was straight forward. The instructions were easy to digest and full of detail, enabling an enjoyable experience. The first trout on this rod was a blast and each once since, has been a delight to play out. If you have any desire for a new 5 weight rod, stick that Carbon in your cart, 'cause this one is a bloody ripper. "
Brendan Turriff
Ready to wrap!
"Quick service and delivery. Kit was excellent and contained everything I needed. Haven't finished building the rod, but looking forward to getting onto the water with it."
Boca Grande in the Marsh
"I fished this rod for 5 days in Louisiana catching big black drum and redfish. Perfect rod for that scenario. The rod loads short, and can make quick flip casts on the 20-30 foot "whackamole" approach often needed in the marsh. Being a 12 wt, you have the backbone to turn a big black drum, but it is still fun when a slot red beats a drum to the fly. Great rod!"
John B.
Fly Rod inscription
"This is the second time I've had an inscription done on a Swift rod. I love the personal touch and it makes what is already a fun rod just a little more fun! "
John B.
6wt - 686 FastGlass® Fly Rod Kit
"I have been impressed with the quality and professionalism of Swiftflyfishing and with the quality of the rod kit I purchased. The components included in the kit are exactly as described and I'm looking forward to a break from working so I can get this rod wrapped and into action. My anticipation has been elevated having held and swung the blank. Just need clients to leave me alone. "
Colin H.
Glass Act
"My 4wt - 476 FastGlass Fly Rod Kit has provided me with the materials to make a high class fly rod with a low stress process. All parts are so well integrated to the making of the rod the enjoyment of the build has been great. Ray"
Raymond M.
EPIC 1090C
"One of the great high performers in 10wt market. Incredibly light, feels like a 6weight, and powerful. "
Jon L.
Ross Evolution LTX 5/6 Black
"This is the second Ross Evo LTX reel I have purchased from Swift in the past month. I bought the 4/5 for my small stream 4 wt rod and I was so impressed I also bought a 5/6 for my everyday 5 wt rod. As for Swift, they are a great company to deal with. Their on-line service is exemplary. "
Bevan J.
Patrice michel
"Ma bandit est presque terminée, plus qu une couche d epoxie, avant de profiter de mon bijou "
Michel P.
Yet more perfection
"Received my 686-4 blank which will take me up to 4 Epics for personal use. Another flawless example of their work. Simply, they are superb!"
Chris d.
Like Butter!
"This rod is pure buttery joy, everything you’d expect when using glass. The extra punch of the fast glass is what makes the difference for me, making the rod more usable in a wider variety of conditions. Great work, Swift - truly and Epic rod."
Ryan M.
Super Smooth and Perfect Size
"I love the color, quality, and components of this super smooth little rod. Best of all it's the perfect length broken down into 5 pieces for backpacking in Colorado. I've already caught many fish from 5 to 20 inches on the rod and I love how fun it is to fish! Great balance between small-stream, small-fly technical, but enough backbone to cast hoppers and land large fish. "
Craig B.
Blue 888
"Picked one of these up to keep my Salsa 888 company, and it hasn’t disappointed. Feels a bit more balanced to me than the older 888, and still casts like a dream! Buttery smooth and great touch for sight-casting yet fast enough to handle the Hawaiian trade winds. Just slayed my first o’io (Hawaiian for Bonefish) on the rod this morning and found that, like the older Salsa, it’s got impressive lifting power for a glass rod. Doesn’t get much better than this... 5 stars! "
Cotton rod sock
"Absolute biautiful product to protect your rods from being scratched or damaged. Will get one for every rod for my Clients"
Sven B.
Two Thumbs Up Ross Reels and Epic,
"It is my first Ross reel and everything I have read about the Evolution LTX is true. Superbly built reel, smooth powerful drag, aesthetically pleasing. Epic's customer service is first rate. As good as it gets. "
Bevan James
So much better than Echo!!
"I saw the early Epic 990, and then the Echo BAG which is really is a cheap Epic knockoff. Stupidly bought the Echo, terrible build quality, heavy and the guides aren’t even straight. This season I got the new Epic 888 in that sexy Electric Blue and boy am I blown away. Not only does it cast like a machine the build quality on this thing is out of this world. Echo you really suck by comparison, but I suppose you get what you pay for. Go Epic!"
Great gear
"Couldnt ask for a better. Great selection of tips"
jason r.
888 Build
"The build was really fun, I have two kids under the age of two and was afraid I would never have time to build my own rod. I did everything in one weekend, I know the box acts as it’s own hand wrapper but I highly suggest the crb hand wrapper and dryer. I rushed through epoxying my wraps, wanted to take it on a trip the following week, and they still turned out great. The Boca Grande is next on my list. Thank you Swift for all the cool things you do for the sport."
Charles D.
5# Platinum Epic 590C Ross Reel Combo
"The perfect combo, beautifully balanced! Ross reels are synonymous with quality and when matched with an epic carbon rod you become a trout whisperer. These rods are fast and precise like a laser pointer yet smooth and relaxed like Bob Marley looking after his kids, really enjoy the fine quality of craftsmanship. Not to mention the customer service was second to none, Jeanie you are a credit to the passion so thank you once again.... Support your local or just support the best! Cheers ashpect_flyf ;)"
Ashley D.
Nice lines.
"This is a great line - Scientific Anglers produced so enough said! Nice taper, great suppleness, slick shooting and high floating. Good value too!"
Jonathan H.
Fantastic Rod!
"What a beautiful casting rod. This 590c is the first carbon rod I've purchased from Swift, all the others having been fastglass - and I have to say the 476 is the rod that convinced me to get rid of most of my carbon fibre rods - what a wonderful fishing rod. The Swift experience is excellent with great service and communication. Back to the 590c, having taken a long time to take the plunge to buy a carbon rod again I bought this for the bigger rivers local to me such as the Wye and Severn, first cast I was very impressed with the effortless casting action and the distance surprised me - I'm not a distance caster at all but on occasion it's very useful! It's so light in the hand as well, I paired it with a Lamson Force F2 SL which is the lightest reel I possess. The line is the Epic Glassline DT5F - the whole outfit is so well balanced that my friend who was fishing with me was left speechless on casting it. And he loves his Winston rods! We recently had a good day on the river Wye catching trout and grayling and it performed flawlessly at all ranges and accurately too. A real nice fishing rod. Great feel, good accuracy, gentle in the tip and powerful enough to pick up a decent amount of line. Great job guys!!"
Jonathan H.