Epic Reviews

    "Hi Hayley Your order arrived in three parts, the final instalment on Friday last. All the items - fishing caps, fluorocarbon, angler's tool etc were as always of excellent quality. The only problem really for an English purchaser at present is that the weak pound coupled with the VAT and Customs inspection charge make anything other than a big ticket item prohibitively expensive! I can only reiterate how pleased I still am with your 690C fly rod. It is certainly now my go-to rod and if I venture into the purchase of a 590C you may be assured that it will be one of yours. With every good wish to you and the Team. Peter "
    PETER W.
    Don’t by glass until you cast FastGlass
      "They say this is not your Papas glad rod and it’s true. Don’t buy a glass rod without trying FastGlass. A lot of guys talk about this Epic 686 as begin the ultimate streamer rod, I’ve tried a number of ‘glass’ rods before settling on the Epic and it is certainly the nicest casting rod to my taste anyway. Go Epic!"
      Cpt Dave
      Better than Glass
        "Epic FastGlass fly rod blanks really are so much better and the service is second to none!"
        Epic built alright
          "Wow, the build is flawless, love the titanium guides and the reel seat. The Cork grip is easily the best I’ve seen and that green is so delicious. Ive not done any big trips yet but have done quite a bit of casting and a number of short day trips out from home. -this this is a rocket!"
          Epci Bandit
            "Perfect as I’ve come to expect."
            Ok I get it!
              "Ok, everyone raves about Epics, now I get it, the whole experience from purchase to service, delivery and of course earth fly rod rod (in this case the wonderful Epic 476) are well, Epic. Well done and thanks ~ Chris"
              Best Casting
                "When most builders are hung up on ridiculous candy colors its refreshing that at least one company can actually fly cast and knows how to make a great fly casting blank. Carl exceeds here, these are the best casting blanks out there."
                Best banks
                  "best 5 ever and Ive build on dozens"
                  Sean H
                  This is a killer rod
                    "Damn this is a fun rod. The new finish and that Blue are just amazing, I fish Snook and baby Poon around the mangroves and this his the perfect rod I think - going for the Bandit next time!"
                    Love for the Bandit
                      "Live the Love green love the new finish love my epics!"
                      Outstanding Rod Kit
                        "The Epic 888 kit I purchased is simply the highest quality I've ever seen in a fiberglass rod. The blank is flawless and fit and finish of the sections and components is superb. I haven't finished building it yet but it will be the best fly rod I have by far, and I have quite a few. Also it was nice to get the kit in the mail within a week of ordering - that's rare as there's usually a lead time since most places don't have fiberglass blanks in stock. I've had such a good experience with Swift and this kit that I've already decided on my next build which will be the 686. After that the Bandit 10 weight and then the Boca Grande 12 weight. I wish Swift made a 1 or 2 weight glass blank - if they did I'd order it in a heartbeat."
                        Eugene C.
                        Thank you so much Eugene! - The Swift Fly Fishing Company
                        Beautiful Fly Rod
                          "Shipping was fast, casts like a dream, just beautiful. 5 stars from me!"
                          Quality always
                            "These are the best quality blanks available and are excellent value for money, Carl really knows his stuff and the service is top notch always - love you guys!"
                            Just perfect
                              "Great service, a truly beautiful fly rod that casts with ease. Wonderfull, thank you - Fancis"
                              Francis G
                              Premium Quality
                                "The Bandit is a terrific blank to build on - loving the new finishes guys!"
                                Dave G.
                                10 all the way!
                                  "10 out of 10 for the 10!"
                                  Epic 476 Review
                                    "The 476 Epic FastGlass Fly rod is a thing of beauty cast like a team loading up at both short and medium range. Special mention of Tina and her astounding customer service - this won’t be my last Epic encounter."
                                    Epic 476 Blank Review
                                      "One of my favourite Epic tapers. AA top cast taper!"
                                      Epic 476 Blank Review
                                        "476 is a smooth but powerful taper. Nicely progressive, fun to fish and fun to build on. Happy customer!!"
                                        Wayne T.
                                        Just so much better
                                          "These are an extremely high quality fly rod. SO much better than the cheap gear in big box outlets. Go with the little guys and get something special. Period!"
                                          No Hipster Junk Here
                                            "Thank god for those shit blanks from China - makes my Epic customs soooo much better!"
                                            Alfonso K.
                                            Snake Belly!!
                                              "Love the new Snake Belly finish it is superb!"
                                              Alfonso K.
                                              Not Chinese Junk
                                                "With the plethora of crap cheap ass Chinese rods we’re seeing in the USA (all being waved around by bearded hipsters that cant fish I might add) - this thing is the real deal. Beautifully crafted fly rod that not only looks amazing it casts beautifully well. Nice Job Swift"
                                                Great T.
                                                Smooth, Great 3 wt
                                                  "As usual super smooth, love the new finish!"
                                                  Ed F.
                                                  Super comfy
                                                    "Love it. My hoodie is so comfy, warm and the fit is great. I'm a reasonably big, slim guy and I often by shirts that fit my body, but not my arms. Not this, it fits like a glove."
                                                    Dean O.
                                                    So comfy
                                                      "This t-shirt is so comfy it's like being hugged by bunnies."
                                                      Dean Olsen
                                                      Awesome rod
                                                        "I was so impressed with how friendly the Swift fly fishing company was, from the moment I purchased my blank till I got it, everyone was on top of it. When I got the rod blank, ( which only took about a week) I was so impressed with the quality of the Epic brand. I am in the process of building this rod for a friend who requested it, and at first I was looking at name brand rods for him because he is getting this for a very special occasion. I have never heard of Epic rods and found it as I was surfing online, I will definitely be buying myself one in the future. I love the snake skin texture and it’s durability, and the ferrule system fits together so perfectly. This rod is right up there with anything else you will see on the market at a fraction of the price."
                                                        Shaun B.
                                                        Amazing Workmanship
                                                          "The build on this rod is nothing short of amazing, it’s quite beautiful and casts like a dream"
                                                          Tony B.
                                                          Heirloom Quality
                                                            "Never have I seen a fly rod so beautifully put together, it screams quality. Thank you very much."
                                                            Lars G.
                                                            Fantastic new finish
                                                              "Love the new ‘Sanke Belly’ belly finish!"
                                                              Fred G.

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