Epic Reviews

So worth it !
"Once again,nothing but quality to work with ! So enjoyable to put this kit together bit by bit, and know your going to end with a rod that cant be beaten, for the best casting and fish fighting gratification. If you can tie a fly, you can certainly build one of these beauts, and it really is worth it ! "
Michael L.
Very Happy
"I’ve just finished my 476 build - and very happy with the result. The equipment and instructions provided were spot on. Appreciated the tips and service along the way too. Great way to step into rod building. "
Graeme R.
590C fly rod
"Like it’s big brother the 690C this rod is a beauty. "
Peter H.
New and Improved
"I had a very early one and decide to upgrade to this new bank design - very happy I did!"
Dan H
5/5 star experience
"5/5 star experience. Personable/professional interaction on phone ordering rod from USA. Product quality of construction 5/5 star. Packaging/shipping was great. Nice case! Rod works very well with Hatch reel."
Spencer C.
My Perfect Pike Rod!!
"First up the rod is amazingly well built and as has been said before the service from Swift is second to none. My 1080 Swift bandit Perfect for what I do, chase big Pike!!!"
Tony Babcock
Epic 690 c
"Hi Carl,Jeanie,Hayley and Trevor,my 690 c arrived yesterday,awesome rod,build quality second to none.Especially impressed with the cork grip,it allows you to really feel the blank working and what a great blank it is,better than the other top brands that i own (you know who they are) it will do anything you ask of it,just let the rod do the work.Anyhow will be taking it on a six week guiding trip to the States,won't let the clients use it but i may let them look at it though ! Went down to the river with it today and was lucky enough to catch two fresh run sea trout of 3 and 4 pounds-effortless,got to be the best 9ft 6wt rod available on the market today. Thumbs up to Swift and Epic,i feel a 590 c coming on ! cheers,Pete Gordon."
Pete G.
This is what a fly rod should be
"Smooth, loads short, loads long, has a surprising amount of power and is featherlight in the hand and is absolutely stunning! No better rod made in my book, happy I found you!"
Tony G
Don’t know whats better
"Not sure what is better, the Epic 590C fly rod, or the Epic serves. -both are stellar, thank you!"
Unrivaled casting
"Best 5, best 6, hell they are all some damn good!"
Sean H
On Point
"I own two other Epic graphite fly rods and wanted an 8 for Reds and Bass, like the others the 890 is just as it should bet and has a ton of low down power being being to stiff. a and as usual service is unbeatable"
Chuck R
"This is a standout fly rod carrying on in the same tradition as the wonderfull 590 and 690C, well done guys"
Tony TOny
Light and tasty
"The 8 is a big 690C, with is about the best blank ever made."
Guides Choice Bi-focals.
"I purchased these glasses to be able to see what I`m doing when tying size 16 and18 flies using 3lb tippet This worked out very well. I have only managed to fit in one fishing excursion since I got them, but I was quite impressed with them. The water clarity of the lake I was fishing in is not too good at the present time, but I could still spot fish easily. The only downside for me was when I was stalking the swamp edges, I had a little bit of bother with the different focal plane that I`m used to. Had to be extra careful where I was placing my feet. Apart from that all else is fine. "
Russell M.
Epic 590C
"I’d read a bit about this rod and the quality of Epic rods in general. The whole process has been a pleasure and my 590C is truly a wonderful fly rod. Perfectly made, flawless wraps, the best cork I have ever seen and so light in the hand and easy to cast.You really don’t appreciate all this until you see and it cast it against a Sage or Scott or even a Winston -the entire build is a cut above and this fly rod is the sweetest casting rod of the lot. A refreshing change, I’ll be adding another Epic to my quiver before summer is out!"
Mike H
Leaves others in the dust
"I have and have cast plenty of five weights over the years, the Epic 590C leaves them all in the dust. Gert one you wont be disappointed."
Bert D
"It’s the best 5 the world no question about it."
Ed F
5 Stars
"Shipping was fast, casts like a dream, just beautiful. 5 starts form me"
Grant Badock
Packlight 476 (April 2018)
"1. Carrying tubing design - Smart and functional 2. Quality of rod manship - Very high 3. How did it work? - Long story. Strong wind around Wanaka during the last week in April. Craig Smith decided I better use his 6 wt. "Let me carry your new rod so you won't break it when you fell into the river............". These last couple of days I was in St Louis USA and took it to a local trout park (stocked rainbow and native brown swimming up river). managed to coax one strike but no fish. For an once a year NZL fly fisherman the new rod made me quite smart looking. 4. How did it feel? - Friendly and forgiving. I got good distance and accuracy (at my level........) 5. Ordering process - Painless. Not using the 850 real seat was a good decision but I think it will look nicer if one is fitted with a smaller (much smaller) baby fighting bud. 6. Delivery - Appreciated the expedited time. 7. The personalized writing on the rod - Quality was less then my 850. OK but not as good. 8. Rod coloring - The orange is smart. It will be great if you also offer other traditional lower key color. Like the 850 dark brown or real dark green. 9. Waiting for the day when I have a good trout at the end of the line. Tks for asking Francis Fung"
Sunglasses purchase.
"I purchased the sunglasses in-store, they could not have been more helpful while I was selecting the right product for me. "
Better Upgrade
"I upgraded from the earlier model 476 which is a very good fly rod, the new 476 is smoother and the new blanks are very nice indeed. Love the cork spacer option. Keep it up"
Charles Crib
Epic rodbuilding is easy, fun and rewarding
"A pleasure always renewed by building the Epic fishing rods. I just finished my third fishing rod and I'm already thinking about the next one. And what about the fishing action feeling!"
Dominique F.
"I can’t speak highly enough of both the Epic bandit or the company. I have built a few rods over the years and it was a pleasure to build the Bandit. Everything fit first time and the way the ‘nude’ bindings turned out is better than I had hoped... the system would be great for anyone that has an inclination to build a rod. I learnt to fly fish with a very sloppy glass rod from approximately 40 years ago and to say that the new age glass blanks are a far cry from that era is an understatement. I will definitely be expanding my Epic range soon... Cheers, Slade"
Slade L.
A Great Purchase
"I have yet to build the rod, but my first impressions leave me feeling this will be fun! The components are all of high quality and neatly packaged. I was also impressed by the ease of purchase and the quick delivery. I can highly recommend this product for anyone, novice or expert alike."
Daniel H.
Amazing Epic 888
"This rod handles a line of 9 as effortlessly as an 8; the line stays high, the loop is tight, the shoot is endless. I launched a huge streamer with no problem. I can't wait to test it in real conditions in a terrain worthy of this rod. Fred"
frédéric l.
"After ordering a blank and tube I then asked to upgrade to the build your own kit for a 686 in Olive which was duly accepted. Great communication from Hayley all the way. I have built the rod up and so far haven't tried it out but it looks promising. This is the fourth Epic rod I've built for myself (376, 476, 480 and 686) and I have to say they are all fantastic rods - so much so that I've been selling off my carbon rods as I no longer use them! I keep looking for an excuse to get another..."
Jonathan H.
Great rod
"Fun and easy to build and even more fun to cast/fish with. Will be building a collection of fastglass now.."
ian m.
First rod building kit but not the last
"The kit i've receided was great and it was a lot of fun to build my first rod. I've just finished it yesterday and i'm really happy with the result, as if it's not perfect as i rushed a bit the last varnishing step. I can't wait the pike opening season to give it a try in real fishing conditions. The kit is well build and really complete. An advice take you're time and enjoy the process of building your rod. "
"Yes my little 476 is a lovely fly rod. What really made it all for me was the wonderfull service from Carl and the team in selecting the right rod and then getting it to me while I was travelling - A1!"
Epic guide set
"Fabulous guides. Durable, functional and attractive. They work beautifully on my Epic carbon fibre 6wt build and have greatly improved the performance of another recent 6wt rebuild. They are very easy to tie with the curved base. I am very happy with them. "
John O.