Epic Reviews

Blank purchases
    "Excellent blanks, quick shipping, and they turn into awesome fishing rods. "
    Unbelievably Good
      "This is the most amazing fly rod I've ever picked up. It’s light, casts like a dream and the workmanship is absolutely flawless. The whole purchase and build process was wonderfull - top service, thanks guys!"
      Craig M.
      Wyatt’s flies
        "Really well tied. I had been tying mine far too heavy. Great service from Swift arrived in time for English season. "
        Chris H.
        Perfect Trout Flies
          "Bob Wyatt fly patterns are outstanding. I love his flies (almost as much as my family). If you want some very very nice ones, buy these. They are perfect. If not, at least tie a bunch ugly ones yourself. Then stop thinking about anything else than size and presentation when surface fishing. After a while on the water using them you will never be able to imagine any trout refusing your flies again. And soon all your nymphs, wets, streamers will be looking just as your dries..."
          Örjan G.
          686 ready to wrap
            "I bought the 686 ready to wrap kit, after reading the reviews and the many information on the site. This set meets all my expectations. Everything is clearly described step by step in the book. Today I tested the rod for the first time, it felt great not too fast and not too slow just perfect for me. I had been looking for this for a long time."
            Jan A.
            Ross Animas 5/6
              "Excellent reel - light and with great noise with a fish on! Really good service from Swift (as usual!) - free line was a bonus as it is slick and shoots well, with very little memory."
              Stuart D.
              Have not started to build yet But.
                "The rod was ordered on Sunday Got a estimated delivery date of Friday. But on Thursday go an email saying the rod would be delivered that morning and at 10:00 the DHL delivered the rod. Maybe it has something to do with the international date line but whatever that was fast service. I have made a lot of rods so I know that glued up cork hands are a pain in the ass to ream and take a lot of masking tap. But as advertised this handle was reamed for a perfect feet so that is 80% of pre-guides work done. Now I have to get it done. "
                William K.
                The most fun you can have with your pants on
                  "Building this rod was so easy, even I could do it. I bought some metallic trim and used the included thread and it came out better than any other "factory" rod that I own. I think the 690c will be next as a gift for my girlfriend. Absolutely worth your time especially with the cost savings involved with building your own. "
                  Braeden W.
                  One epic Epic!
                    "This is my first time building a fly rod, so while I have a lot of experience USING one, never tried my hand at building one. I was amazed at how thorough the entire process was, guided by a great instruction manual and absolutely top notch materials. I picked the 4wt rod, wanting to expand my set of fly rods toward the lighter end. The build went smoothly and the end result was a very nice rod. I put it to the test last Monday, trying it out on the Rose River for rainbows. On the third cast, I had a 16" rainbow. The rod performed even better than I hoped, with plenty of backbone to handle this really strong trout. If I can figure how to include pictures, I'll edit this review and publish some pictures of these fish and a nicely bent rod with a big rainbow on the other end! Hal "
                    Hal M.
                    Ross Animas Reel
                      "The reel is fantastic, very smooth and well made. Goes well with my Epic 580."
                      David R.
                      Epic 890C
                        "This was my first rod build and I'm totally hooked on the entire process. Don't hesitate to try it out. I took the 890C out for a test cast this morning and was blown away! It's light and crisp in the hand with loads of feel for close casts and plenty of reserve power for distance. Super accurate and responsive to changes in my cast. I was able to put the fly on target like a laser. Love at first cast :) I'm really looking forward to dropping flies in front of tailing bonefish this winter with this rod. It will be a great setup for lighter presentations to striped bass on the flats too."
                        Ben S
                        What a rod....
                          "Probably the coolest blank color I've ever seen. Haven't fished the rod yet but I am pretty dam sure that it casts as nicely as the other rods. Just love it"
                          Jakob D.
                          Super light and fast carbon rod
                            "I just love these rods especially the corc quality is stunning. Actions is great and it casts amazingly good. Just need to fish it even more :)"
                            Jakob D.
                            Ross Reel Animas 5/6
                              "I cant wait to match this reel up with the Epic Rod I have on order. The lightness of the reel is what struck me the most. Perfect engineering. Looking forward to using this combination and to test the drag system. Regards Patrick Counihan"
                              Patrick C.
                              Epic Fly Rod Turner & Drying Motor
                                "Excellent product and perfect for the job."
                                Tony B.
                                Amazing piece of art
                                  "This blank is so amazing I now have to replace all my rods with an epic. This rod is so beautiful I took down my family portraits and hung this rod in its place whenever it's not being fished. It is now my go-to rod."
                                    "I have this rod in the old three piece configuration but this new improved 4 piece seems a bit lighter and faster. The rod looks stunning in green and workmanship flawless. These are beautiful rods and perform every bit as good as they look.. You can really pull hard on a fish knowing your rod wont explode or your tippet breaking. Trying to decide now on either a 580 or 476. You cannot go wrong with these rods. Sean "
                                    Sean H.
                                    Perfect Glass
                                      "This is my 3rd ready to wrap kit. So easy to build a quality ultra well performing rod. Love this one in particular (476). Cannot wait to get the deep bend on nice little creek spotted bass!"
                                      philip P.
                                      Well Crafted, a pleasure to fish
                                        "The build quality on the 888 FastGlass is phenomenal. Love the blue blank color and top shelf components. A pleasure to fish, just had to slow down my casting stroke. Have used 3,4wt glass rods on smaller fish but really enjoy fighting the larger Lahontan Cutthroat Trout on my local lake with a glass rod. "
                                        Craig S.
                                        "Go to" leaders
                                          "The Stroft 12’ 4X leaders are perfect for my guiding business. They are strong for the diameter and I haven’t found any “dud” leaders that are weak straight out of the packet, unlike other big name brands! The 12’ are long enough to not need extra tippet for big terrestrial dries, and supple enough to turn over nicely. When you do add tippet, both fluro and copolymer knot well with blood or surgeons. Highly recommended!"
                                          Craig S.
                                          Casts beautifully
                                            "Everything I was hoping for in a glass rod. The cast effortless. I can't wait for some warmer weather so I can target some giant carp with this 6 weight."
                                            Etienne R.
                                            Excellent service!
                                              "I am still working on the build but the support has been excellent. I may have earned the title of most ignorant customer but the customer service has been patient and responsive throughout. Thank you so much!"
                                              Peter H.
                                              Wyatt's Flies
                                                "These flies catch fish. Very happy with the purchase!"
                                                Terry F.
                                                The only 12 wt
                                                  "The absolute pinnacle of twelve weight fly rods. Plenty of backbone, combines with buttery smoothness on the cast. Add to this the Boca’s unique aesthetics and there you have it, the complete package"
                                                  Rod B.
                                                  Epic 590 C AKA "Black Betty"
                                                    "I would gladly look anyone in the eye and say this is the best flyrod I have used. Procrastination from flyrod purchase had me with old technology , things have certainly changed this baby has improved casting ability, presentation and accuracy --I have recommended Epic flyrods to friends. BJ Holdsworth "
                                                    BJ H.
                                                    Boca Grande
                                                      "I hadn't built a rod in over 30 years so rather than start from scratch I decided to buy a kit from Swift. I'm glad I did. All the components were top notch and it all fitted together with very little adjustments necessary. A little honing out of the cork grip was all that was needed. I'm yet to cast it so the proof will be in the pudding but as a kit I can't fault it. Thoroughly recommended! "
                                                      David C.
                                                      Epic Fastglass 888
                                                        "Last year I bought a fastglass 868 for estuary work and was so impressed I decided I needed a fastglass 888. I used it for the first time in Sydney targeting yellowtail kingfish and it was awesome. It casts brilliantly and handles fish with aplomb. I'll be looking to get the 10wt Bandit in the future. "
                                                        Neil M.
                                                        I'm in love :)
                                                          "I love how much more confidence the Epic rod gives makes my casting look like I know what I'm doing. I bought the kit and a dear friend built the rod for me...what a legend and what a rod. Great service from the Epic team :)"
                                                          Dawn H.
                                                          Awesome rod
                                                            "I just the rod for golden mahseer is perfect "
                                                            Theerapong L.
                                                            Boca Grande 12wt.
                                                              "This is my 4th Epic build and things worked out great! I expect this rod will tame a few mako sharks this Summer. "
                                                              Thomas L.

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