Trevor's custom 580

December 16, 2014 1 min read

We get to see some pretty amazing custom creations built on our blanks.  This custom Epic 580 by Trevor Bourne in the UK absolutely hits it out of the park. Not only is the build incredibly clever, detailed and very creative, it's absolutely beautiful. 

  • Epic 508 Olive.
  • Birchbark/maple burl/acrylic grip with rubberised cork trim.
  • Lemke reel seat with Buckeye burl spacer.

From Trevor

Hi, my name is Trevor Bourne from the UK,

Underground rod builder and avid fly fisherman.
This was one build I wish I never dreamt up! (but glad I did)
Too many hours spent thinking about how to make it happen. Hair-loss from the worry. Long days in the shed making sawdust and long nights in the workshop putting it all together. Time well spent…

You can find Trevor on Facebook 


Custom Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod by Trevor Bourne

Custom Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod by Trevor Bourne

Custom Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod by Trevor Bourne

Custom Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod by Trevor Bourne

Custom Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod by Trevor Bourne

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