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Sandy Supporting the Wild Trout Trust 0

Epic Fiberglass fly rod Sandy has put together this sharp Epic build to help raise funds for the Wild Trout Trust in the UK, thanks for thinking of us and going for an Epic blank Sandy

Trevor's custom 580 0

Custom Fiberglass fly rod by Trevor BourneHi, my name is Trevor Bourne from the UK,
Underground rod builder and avid fly fisherman.
This was one build I wish I never dreamt up!
(but glad I did)
Too many hours spent thinking about how to make it happen. Hair-loss from the worry. Long days in the shed making sawdust and long nights in the workshop putting it all together. Time well spent…

It ain't no switch rod. Custom Epic DH11 glass two handed fly rod by Shane Gray. 0

Epic two handed glass fiberglass spey rodBuilding a two handed rod is no mean feat - it's literally the equivalent of building two single hand rods - and then some. Building a truly great two hander is the realm of the master rod builder only.

Ari T Hart Astrid Fly Reel and Epic 686 0

We've featured a few Ari T Hart Astrid Fly Reel Epic Fly RodWe've featured a few Ari / Epic match ups in the past but nothing like this.

A Special Epic 580 Fly Rod Build 0

Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod by Christian HorgrenThe sublime work of Christian Hörgren from Fine Tackle Sweden  Christians work is incredibly precise, subtle and understated. These are stunning and elegant fly rods.

Epic Fly Rod Review in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying UK 0

Epic Fly Rod Review Fly fishing & Fly TyingMany years ago a tackle dealer friend told me that glass rods were still getting better when graphite and carbon-fibre replaced glass-fibre. Going by this blank I can believe it.”