The Drift


Heavy on the Post 0

20mm @ 1.7 and funked up in Photoshop

Love that fast lens


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Autumn Colour 0

That's 'Fall color' for you lot down there in the Northern hemisphere :-p

Eitherway, these shots show why it's my favorite time of year - the trout's too I reckon ;)

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Tapam Downunder 0

We're stoked to announce that Tapam is coming down-under!

We love great fly fishing films, and the next best thing to making them is being associated with great films produced by colleagues.  I can't think of a film we'd rather rub shoulders with than Tapam.

The incredible Tarpon Adventure produced by Daniel Göz & Jan Bach Kristensen will be distributed in New Zealand and Australia by On the Fly Productions

In case you've been under a rock over the past few weeks here's the lowdown on what must be the most exciting fly fishing adventure filmed.

There are still places to be found... Two guys venture far off the beaten track in their quest for large tarpon. Armed with fly rods and float tubes their journey takes the viewer into some of the most beautiful and remote parts of Central America - a place where giant tarpon prowl and the locals fish and hunt from dugout canoes. The adventure unfolds as the catch of a lifetime is documented with incredible footage of exhilarating close-up fights with giant tarpon, breathtaking scenery and wildlife as well as interaction with the locals. 

"Tapâm - a flyfishing journey" received the prestigious Drake Film Award "Best Fishing" in 2010. 

We're very proud to be representing Daniel & Jan downunder - if you want to know how to get your hands on a copy of Tapam in New Zealand or Australia just drop us a line.



Here's the trailer - hold your breath

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Autumn angling 0


Carl McNeil

On the Fly Productions

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How to fly fish and not make us all look bad 0

  • Stop holding that rod butt in your teeth - you look like an idiot (And yes, balancing it on your shoulders is pretty lame too)
  • Fly fishing is not an extreme sport - if you somehow think it is, you need to get a life or get out more (probably both)
  • Welded loops are for little kids - learn to tie a nail knot.
  • Loose that ‘grin n grip’ - Holding your fish out at the camera is just a projection of your extremely small penis.
  • Pictures of fish in the water are extremely  cool.
  • Nothing will make you look like more of a doofus than being all gear and no cast. Work on your fly casting - it will do more for your fly fishing than anything else you could do.
  • Stop being a tight arse and buy some decent gear - start at the pointy end and work back.
  • A stiff rod will not make you a better caster.
  • An expensive rod will not make you a better caster.
  • My fly line will not make you a better caster.
  • A lesson will make you a better caster.
  • My DVD’s will make you a better caster.
  • Practice will make you a better caster.
  • A Gin and Tonic will make you a better caster.
  • Fast and stiff describe two different things - learn ‘em.
  • Understand what a weight forward line is and that it is ABSOLUTELY USELESS for casting distance.
  • "Todays modern fast action rods” Do not need a line that is half a line weight heavier in order to load.
  • The correct advertising blurb for “weight and a half lines” should be “Buy this line, it will make you seem like a better caster than you actually are”
  • Be aware that weight and a half lines are for little kids. You’re a big kid and are being fed marketing crap - you’re better than that.
  • Everything has ether been done, written about, tried or discounted as a stupid idea by someone else already - but hey, give it a go anyhow.

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Distance Casting lines - the Barrio GT 140S 0

I'm regularly asked what line I'm casting in our clips and DVD's - It seems to be about the most common question for our clips from 'Casts that Catch Fish' 

The line that I've used for quite a while is the Scientific Anglers Expert Distance in Orange (120ft)  The main reason that I specifically use that line as that up until fairly recently it was the only line with a significantly long head that also came in day-glow orange.

But that's no longer the case, there are now a number of manufacturers producing specialty distance lines in bright colors - The Barrio GT 140 from Mike Bario is one such line.

I got to take this baby for a spin about a month ago and was very impressed.  The line is an absolute monster at 140 ft - (a distance that I'll not be throwing any time soon, but there are certainly guys out there that are throwing distances in the 5 weight comp' that are coming very close to this)

The GT 140 is very stable on long carries and turned over well at distance.  To bust out casts of 30m or more (that's 100ft) you're going to have to carry around 85 ft of line in the air and shoot the rest - and this is where lines with very longs heads and long gradual rear tapers are a necessity.

At around 90ft the Bario GT has an extremely long head (comparable to the S.A ED) but the BIG difference is price. At £24 the Barrio works out at around US$38 - this compared to the S.A at $65 (the cheapest I've seen one)

To my mind and especially at that price the Barrio represents an excellent buy.  Way to go Mike.

You can order Barrio lines directly from Barrio Fly Lines right here 


Barrio GT140 Weight Forward Profile
(front taper & tip: 13 ft) (belly: 25 ft) (rear taper: 50 ft) (running line: 52 ft)



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