The fly rod redefined. Epic Custom.

The world's finest fly rods, handcrafted and custom tuned to order.

A fly rod of exceptional quality, individually handcrafted with tender loving care for the angler that ordered it. 
We believe there is art in making the very best fly rod we can.

Personalize. Customize, individualize. 
Fly rods as unique as you are. 


"You need to cast one, you need to look at the wraps, you need to deal with Jeanie and the team to get the full picture. It's an experience not just a product." 

~ Santillan de Pinto

Your Epic will outlast you.

Exceptionally good fly rods that last a lifetime.

Smooth like butter, Sweet like Honey.

Our fly rods are like nothing you've ever cast - we guarantee it.


"Life Changing"

~ Macauley Lord. Author, IFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor.

No detail is overlooked.

Titanium stripping guides
 Japanese silk wraps
 Stunning epoxy work
 True Flor grade cork
 CNC machined reel seats of unmatched quality
 New Zealand native timbers not found anywhere else in the world.

These are just some of the features that go in to making an Epic fly rod the very best. Each Epic Custom fly rod is individually hand crafted as ordered. Each backed by our total satisfaction guarantee and superb support.

It's all about craftsmanship, love and attention to detail.

"I love casting this rod, I love fishing this rod and I love the smile on peoples faces when they cast it. 

~ Brian Henderson. International Federation Of Fly Fisherman Master Casting Instructor / Certified Two Handed Casting Instructor".

A FastGlass or Carbon Fibre Fly Rod?

Quality means doing it right when no-one is looking.
Exceptional quality fly rods handcrafted to order.

The World's Finest Fly Rods, Handcrafted to Order.

Fly rods of exceptional quality, made one at a time for discerning fly anglers.

At Swift we swim against the current, favouring solid design, innovation and original thinking over consumer mass production, fashion and fickle trends.
We strive to be the very best, not the cheapest nor the biggest.
We pride ourselves on astounding customer service.
Our pioneering approach to design and high quality fly rod manufacture set the standard by which others endeavour to follow.

Industry leading S3 Undirectional FastGlass® , cutting edge Nano-tech carbon fibre, our unique ground ferrule system - just some of the features that make Epic® fly rods the industries best.
All topped off with superior customer service and support.

Our team of master fly rod builders are accomplished and experienced fly anglers, fly casters and artisans.
We love fly fishing & we love making great fly rods.
We want you to have the very finest fly rod possible, and we'd like to make it for you.
Epic Fly rods ht worlds best fly rods

Epic. The world's very finest fly rods.

Epic custom fly rods, the world's very best fly rod
Handcrafted to order
Choose the options you'd like on your Epic® fly rod and we'll build it for you with tender loving care right here in our Wanaka Studio. Each Studio built fly rod is handcrafted specifically for you from start to finish and each is identified by a unique laser engraved winding check registered against your name in our owners database. Allow two to three weeks for your build - we'll be in touch with details.
Epic custom fly rods, the world's very best fly rod
Better components
Each hand crafted fly rod boasts the very finest components possible
  • Titanium stripping guides with Japanese Silicon Carbide insert
  • Flor grade quality Portuguese cork grip in your choice of style
  • Japanese silk wraps
  • Genuine Snake Brand Guides either e-coated or black nickel
  • CNC Bar stock Alloy reel seats that will last a lifetime
  • Our hand ferruled "Katana" rod tube
  • The most sophisticated fly rod blanks made
Epic custom fly rods, the world's very best fly rod
Superior blanks
Generation two nano-technology. Epic® C series (Carbon Fibre) are a state of the art fly rod blank. The most sophisticated composite materials and production processes are used in their construction. Proprietary nano-resins, full Helical construction, multi modulus, and unidirectional carbon fibre - We believe this is the most sophisticated fly rod blank available.

Our FastGlass® fly rod blanks are quite unlike anything you've ever cast. FastGlass® is a light, responsive and extremely tough unidirectional S2 glass-fibre composite. This material combined with our Epic tapers produces fly rods that are very special and an absolute joy to fish.

When purchasing one of our fly rods you can be confident that you are investing in premium engineering, componentry and craftsmanship.

Epic custom fly rods, the world's very best fly rod
Ground ferrule system
Epic® carbon fibre fly rod blanks feature our proprietary ground ferrule system. Each male ferrule is hand ground to perfectly fit the female section of the blank. Female sections are all internally reinforced.
  • A secure positive fit eliminates knocks
  • Smoother energy transfer
  • Eliminates flat spots
  • Non slip - reduces twisting due to torque
  • Internally reinforced ferrules - eliminates ferrule fracture
  • Durable & scratch resistant
  • Gets better with use
  • Precise fit, sections are interchangeable, in the case of tip breakages replacement sections can be sent out immediately. No need to return the blank for a fit.
Epic custom fly rods, the world's very best fly rod
Committed to quality
We craft the world's very best fly rods. The finest Japanese silk wraps, premium quality guides from Snake brand USA, and the very finest cork sourced directly from Portugal to ensure quality.
These are just a few of the things we’ve incorporated into our designs to ensure you are fishing a quality fly rod that will last a lifetime.
The Epic Fly Rod Total Satisfaction guarantee
The Epic Promise
If you order one of our beautiful handmade fly rods and are not 100% delighted with it we'll refund your purchase in full.

We are so very confident that every fly rod we make is of the highest quality possible,
we guarantee your complete and absolute satisfaction or your money back.

If one of our products fails to meet your expectations either at the time you receive it,
or over the next 30 days, contact us and tell us why you are disappointed and we'll make it right or arrange a total refund.

We believe there is art in making the finest quality fly rods we can.

The fly rod redefined. Epic Custom.

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