The Bandit

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Trouble, meet El Bandito.

*Revised for 2018 - Now 8 ft, 4 pieces in FastGlass II

At 8' for a 10# the Epic Bandit was originally designed for turning Australian Murray Cod. However, it has become very popular with US and European angers fishing for Pike, Bass, Snook, Baby Tarpon and Musky.

A specialist tactical blank, the Bandit will make short work of large species in confined situations. and is great for Kayak fishing.

FastGlass II
The Epic™ Bandit is produced from industry leading Zentron 8 micron Unidirectional S-2 Glass. This next generation fiber is specifically engineered for fly rod production and features 8 micron fibers developed and produced in the USA. These fibres are almost half the diameter of other unidirectional materials, resulting in a tighter, more precise and stronger material. 

Not sanded and not unsanded. Our SnakeBelly™ finish is produced by a unique radial production process. SnakeBelly™ delivers the toughest exterior finish possible. After production, blanks are first painted and then clear coated. This two step process produces blanks that are incredibly scratch resistant and very durable.

Sure Fit Ferule
Break a tip? we've got you covered.  This ferule system is so precise that parts interchange between models. Gone are the days of having to return a broken section to the manufacturer or outlet where you purchased from. Breakages can be addressed by simply sending out the replacement part.

Finished in metallic gold green

Recommended line weight: #10

Length: 8'
Pieces: 4

*The Bandit is also available as a Ready to Wrap Fly Rod Kit


Recommended line weight: #10
Length: 8
Pieces: 4
Action: Progressive / Fast
Taper: Fast
Blank Weight: 86g - 3oz 

Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank


Pro Talk

"It’s this feature of the Bandit that blew my mind when I began testing it: It will happily cast any line from a 6wt DT to a 12wt Rio OBS, with the sweet spot between 8wt and 10wt. Since it can load itself during casts with light lines, a 6wt line put over it seems to feel somewhat like casting a (heavy) 6wt CF rod. At the other end of the spectrum, the 12wt did bog it down somewhat, but the reserve of power in the big butt section will pull it through without complaint. I liken it to a big V8 diesel engine with low end torque that’s a pleasure to draw into." 
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