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Premium Quality Everything. Discover What Makes a Fly Rod Truly Exceptional

Premium quality, made-to-order fly rods, handcrafted and custom tuned to order. Delivered direct to your door.

best fly rods custom fly rods

Handcrafted one at a time in New Zealand

We put the best of everything into our fly rods, that’s what makes them so damn good. 
It's all about craftsmanship, love and attention to detail.

Personalize, customize, individualize. Fly rods as unique as you are.

Configure your dream fly rod online. Add a personal inscription, choose your preferred grip and reel seat - make it yours. 

Your Epic will outlast you.

Premium quality fly rods using only the best quality components available - all guaranteed for life.

Smooth like butter, Sweet like Honey.

Our fly rods are like nothing you've ever cast - we guarantee it.

A FastGlass or Carbon Fiber Fly Rod?

FastGlass II(S-2 fiberglass)

Tough durable and a ton of soul.

 Fly rods that are super tough and a ton of fun to fish.

"Smooth like butter, sweet like honey"

Industry leading 8 micron glass fibre composite.
Incredibly tough (Almost unbreakable - almost!)
Available in a range of translucent colors
Full flexing, Medium actions
Up to 8'6"
Just more soul! 
More fun to fish

Carbon Fiber (graphite)

Light, lively and responsive

Nano-tech silica resin matrix technology. Extremely light, strong, responsive and lively fly rods that are an joy to use.

"Fish the difference"

Advanced silica nano resin matrix
Extremely precise, extremely responsive 
Finished in natural black only
Medium fast actions
Very light without sacrificing strength
9' and above
Precision fly casting tools

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"You need to cast one, you need to look at the wraps, you need to deal with Jeanie and the team to get the full picture. It's an experience not just a product." 

~ Santillan de Pinto

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