Details and registration for Kurow Spey Clave below.

If you are intending on joining us for the dinner on Saturday night please use the form below to register - we need numbers for catering! - and please pre pay: NZ$35 transferred into ANZ account: 06 0942 0205 237 00

Weekend program for the Southern Spey Clave
1-2-3 March in Kurow on the Waitaki River

Friday 1st March – Clave kick off at the Kurow Hotel Pub from 19.00hrs – the private back bar room has been reserved.
20.00-21.00 (Back bar Kurow Hotel Pub) - Welcome, outline of event schedule and housekeeping announcements etc. followed by a presentation on NZ Big River Fisheries by Rasmus Gabrielsson from Cawthron Institute – including information on fish populations, migration times and habitat types/flows more suitable for swing fishing tactics.

Saturday 2nd March - Spey Casting Demonstrations
by various Master casting Instructors (MCI) and/or Two-Handed Casting Instructors (THCI)
**PLEASE NOTE – bring your own folding chair, outdoor picnic umbrellas may be handy! The Waitaki Valley can be a very hot place in March!

09.00 Peter Morse (MCI) - On the roll cast in Spey.
09.30 Leigh Dowell (MCI, THCI) - On anchors.
10.00 Brian Henderson (MCI, THCI, Level 2 Examiner) - On D-loops.
11.00 Simon Gawesworth (THCI) - RIO guy – On fly lines, shooting lines, and tips.
12.00 George Cook – Skagit man on the how, where’s, and why’s of Skagit including Trout Skagit with streamers.
1.00 Break for Lunch

Saturday afternoon is your BIG opportunity for free casting lessons and to try many different rods and lines from Epic and Scientific Anglers, and from Sage, Redington, and RIO.

Saturday night (18.30) Spey Clave Dinner at the Kurow Hotel Pub – Menu “Good Kiwi tucker”: Roast beef, veges and salads, followed by Pavlova and fruit salad for dessert ($35).

**You must pre-book for your meal using the form below. NZ customers can also prepay

After the dinner (~20.00-21.00) we’ll have an extensive Q&A session with Simon and George on stage followed by local Spey fishers ready to spill their guts on everything they’re prepared to spill their guts on!

Sunday 3rd March
10.00 Shaun Ash on single hand Spey – after all its not all about the big rods...
10.30 George Cook, long time Alaskan King salmon and steelhead guide on what he knows about these fish and how to fish for them.
11.30 Simon Gawesworth Trouble shooting the Spey casts - casting faults and fixes.

12.30 Break for Lunch

13.30-15.00 Workshops on NZ Spey fishing basics focuses on introducing new anglers into the sport of Spey fishing by sharing experiences and providing hands on casting and fishing tips…

Kunio Onishi - Tongariro guide on trout Skagit tactics in New Zealand, and how and where he uses it for winter rainbow fishing around Lake Taupo.

Andy Cawthorn - a rough guide to fishing with 2 handers in New Zealand, with a special focus on chasing Chinook salmon, including what gear to use and how to fish it 90% of the time.

**If joining us for Dinner please prebook using the form below.  (NZ attendees can prepay -  transfer NZ$35 into ANZ account  06 0942 0205 237 00  - Dan Isbister is organising this one on our behalf)