The Lunar Fly Reel

The Lunar Fly Reel is an extremely robust large arbor hubless fly reel of unique design

Due to go into production in mid 2013, the Lunar is a full frame caged design.

  • Virtually indestructible transparent CNC machined advanced thermoplastic Spool. The spool is incredibly strong, mechanically stable and extremely lightweight. Far stronger and more durable than aircraft grade Aluminium. The Lunar spool is a fully CNC machined high precision component - it is not molded or vacuum formed.
  • Extra wide bullnose rim. Specifically designed for easy palming and precise control.
  • Ceramic ultra large diameter click pawl mechanism. Silky Smooth. Low startup inertia, protects tippets and is "fish friendly"
  • Anodised Inset handle specifically positioned to increase retrieval rate and facilitate palming. The Lunar handle itself comprises 5 separate components. It's bronze core is self lubricating, will not stick, seize or squeak.
  • Precision 440c Stainless Steel four point contact Ultra Thin Section bearing. We turned to the Aerospace & Robotics industries to design a bearing that was of extremely high quality, incredibly strong, durable and virtually corrosion proof.
  • Full frame / Full cage design. Full cage reels have many benefits over cageless or part cage fly reels:
    • A) The full cage design is far stronger, incredibly stable and far more resistant to flexing and twisting under load. Our full cage design allows us to machine the spool and internal components to extremely fine tolerances.
    • b) There are absolutely no "Pinch points" or clearances to jam fly lines or thin running lines. The Lunar reel absolutely will not eat your fly line and is a perfect choice for anglers that use shooting heads and thin Monofilament running lines.
  • Type III hard anodising to Military Spec MIL-A-8625 (Black Only)
  • Ballistic Nylon presentation and carry case. Soft Neoprene field cover also included.