3wt fiberglass fly rod
3 wt fiberglass fly rod
3 wt fiberglass fly rod
3wt 370 Fastglass Fly Rod
3 wt fiberglass fly rod Tube
3 wt fiberglass fly rod

3wt 370 Fastglass Fly Rod

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Epic® 370 Studio Built Fly Rod

Small creeks, small trout, big performance - the Epic 370.

The 3 weight you don't have to babysit.
Our Epic 370 is a subtle, lightweight yet very strong fly rod perfect for small trout, Cutties and Brook trout.

Our 370 is a small, lightweight precision fly rod that boasts the same precise response, strength and quality that Epic rods are famous for.  

Built using FastGlass® II this is the 3 wt that really is one tough customer. Far stronger and robust than any Carbon Fibre (graphite) fly rod, the 370 allows you to fish very fine tippets and leaders yet have confidence in a rod that is tough and extremely robust.

Recommended Line Weight: AFTMA #3 
Pieces: 4
Colour: Olive

FastGlass II™   -   SnakeBelly™   -   SureFit Ferule

Built Epic Tough
Epic glass rods are incredibly tough. Our S2 FastGlass II has a far higher strength-to-weight ratio than Carbon fibre (graphite) rods. Epic FastGlass rods can endure more acute and severe bends than the equivalent Carbon fibre or even regular S2 glass, tip sections are stronger and far less susceptible to breakages due to high-sticking and problematic rod angles when pulling against load.

3 weigh weight rod

Recommended line weight: AFTMA #3
Length: 7'
Pieces: 4 
Total length: 2,265mm
ELN: 3
Optimal Grain Window: 94 - 106 Grains
Effective Line Range: AFTMA 3
Action: Progressive / Mid Flex / Medium  slow
Taper: Medium slow
Blank Weight: 44g
Butt Diameter: 9.20mm

Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank 

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