686 Black Special Edition

  686 Black Special Edition

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The Epic 686 Black. Special Edition.

The worlds most popular Fiberglass fly rod gets a makeover. Black.

Special edition 'All black' fly rods complete with satin black fiberglass rod tube.

Constructed using fully unidirectional S2 glass fibre, the Epic 686 sets the standard for modern performance glass.

Longer, lighter, meaner and stronger than any of it's contemporaries, the 686 totally changes what is possible with modern glass fibre composite material. Perfect for tossing big flies, big fish and light saltwater work. 

Our renowned Studio Built fly rod

  • Black reel seat
  • Premium grade Full Wells grip
  • Fighting butt
  • Black nickel snake guides, 
  • Unique super hard diamond ceramic coated stripper.
  • Satin black fiberglass rod tube
  • Revised 4 piece Epic 686 blank
    Recommended line weight: AFTMA #6 

    Length: 8'6"
    Pieces: 4

    Recommended line weight: AFTMA #6
    Length: 8'6"
    Pieces: 4 
    Total length: 2,580mm
    ERN: (Unwrapped): 5.6
    ELN: 6
    Optimal Grain Window: 140 - 175 Grains
    Effective Line Range: AFTMA 5 / 6 / 7
    Action: Progressive / Mid Flex / Medium Fast
    Taper: Fast
    AA: (Action Angle): 68° (Fast)
    Blank Weight: 63g

    Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank
    Epic s2 Fiberglass FLy Rod Blank
    Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank


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