990 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank

  990 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank

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The Renowned Epic 990

At 9ft long and rated for AFTMA 9 our 4 piece Epic 990 is an absolute powerhouse. 

Produced using our Epic FastGlass™ the 990 is designed to make short work of monster bones, inshore pelagics, Salmon, Steelhead, Redfish and Snook.

The easy casting soul and incredible strength of S2 FastGlass™
S2 FastGlass™ - not your papa’s fiberglass fly rod.
Epic™ blanks are made to exacting standards using a proprietary Unidirectional S2-glass composite. Unlike other fiberglass fly rods, this material features a fully unidirectional fibre layup which aligns fibres longitudinally along the blank where they are most needed. This recipe, rolled to our Epic tapers combine silky smooth loading with trophy pulling power that we call FastGlass.The result is an incredibly strong, light and powerful tube with a crisp, precise response.

Built Epic Tough
Epic glass rods are incredibly tough. Our S2 FastGlass has a far higher strength-to-weight ratio than Carbon fibre (graphite) rods. Epic FastGlass rods can endure more acute and severe bends than the equivalent Carbon fibre, tip sections are stronger and far less susceptible to breakages due to high-sticking and problematic rod angels when pulling against load.

Flyrods with Soul
There’s no other way to describe it. Glass has a warm “alive” tactile feeling, by comparison carbon fibre feels quite “metallic” cold and dead. Epic fly rods are just plain fun to cast, they will definitely put a smile on your dial - we guarantee it.

*Available in any colour as long as it's So Blue.

Recommended line weight: AFTMA #9 

Length: 9'
Pieces: 4

Tip Diameter: 2.18mm
Butt Diameter: 12.86mm
Recommended line weight: AFTMA #9
Length: 9'
Pieces: 4 
Total length: 2,743mm
Effective Line Range: AFTMA   8 / 9
Action: Progressive / Mid Flex / Medium Fast
Taper: Fast
AA: (Action Angle): 65° 
Blank Weight: 99gm - 3.49oz 

Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank
9 weight 9 foot fiberglass fly rod blank
Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank


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