Boca Grande FastGlass® Fly Rod Kit - Blem

Reel Seat Finish

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    The Mighty 12 wt Boca Grande!

    *Blemish, these blanks have a slight dark spot at the butt. This is cosmetic only, blanks are structurally perfect and otherwise flawless. Limited stock.

    The very best components available, all designed to fit togetherseamlessly. No Reaming, No Drilling, No Sanding - All Epic.

    The Boca Grande 12 Weight Fiberglass fly rod kit
    Our 12wt, 8'6" 4 Piece Unidirectional FastGlass Blank.  At only 110grams it's a Heavyweight without the heavy weight.

    A Heavyweight without the heavy weight.
    Classy, glassy and an absolute ass kicker. The mighty Boca Grande is an incredibly tough and resilient 12 weight fly rod.

    Lets be be frank here. 12 weight graphite rods tend to be as stiff as broomsticks, far from enjoyable to cast and get one under serious load and they're prone to exploding.(Carbon fibre experiences what is technically termed "Catastrophic failure" - Glass Fibre does not)

    We wanted to build an extremely tough 12 weight fly rod that was enjoyable & fun to cast and could easily pull about 24lbs / 11 kg.

    The Blank.
    The Boca blank is a marvel of composites engineering. Our prime design consideration was to keep weight down while delivering fast recovery speed. Fully unidirectional S2 FastGlass delivers super strength and resilience without the weight.

    The Shiny Bits. 
    The components on the rod had to be the best we could source so we went for 3 premium Titanium stripping guides fitted with Japanese SiC inserts. We fit the rest of the blank out in Snake Brand dark nickel snakes - these are the most salt resistant guides we could find (Salt fog tests by Snake Brand prove it)

    Epic Ready to Wrap Fly Rod Kits
    Building a great custom fly rod is no mean feat, selecting the correct matching components can be an intimidating exercise alone. Then there’s those wraps, the cork and glue..

    Our Epic Ready to Wrap Rod Kit makes life easy - we’ve done much of the hard work for you. The kit contains all the components, glues, rod finish and instructions you’ll need to build your own unique custom Epic fly rod.

    The components in our Epic Ready to Wrap Rod Kit have all been specifically designed to work together. Our premium grade cork grip features a tapered bore to fit your chosen blank. Each cork grip is ported to receive our Epic reel seat perfectly.

    Each Kit contains:

    • The amazing Epic 12# Boca Grande Blank
    • Our world famous fiberglass rod tube
    • Premium hand sewn rod sock
    • Finest quality Portuguese cork grip, our wickedly good Full Wells / Ritz design
    • Large fighting butt
    • Epic reel seat in Black
    • Guide set (Snake brand Universal guides USA)
    • 3 x Titanium Stripper guides with Japanese SiC inserts
    • Glue kit (preloaded syringes, grip & tip epoxy, brushes, mixing cups & full instructions)
    • China-graph marking pencil
    • Comprehensive 42 page build book with step by step instructions
    • Stickers / Decals
    • *Japanese Silk threads. Each kit includes natural 212 silk (we include instructions on how to use this to make perfectly clear ghost wraps) and black thread for trims. These default threads can be substiuted for other stock colors on request. View Stock Thread Colours

    Recommended line weight: AFTMA #12

    Length: 8'6"
    Pieces: 4
    Finished in Aqua

  • Recommended line weight: #12
    Length: 8' 6"
    Pieces: 4
    Action: Progressive / Medium
    Taper: Fast
    Blank Weight: 110 gm - 3.8oz


    12wt Fiberglass Fly Rod Building Kit. Boca Grande Ready to Wrap Kit
    12wt Fiberglass Fly Rod Building Kit. Boca Grande Ready to Wrap Kit
    12wt Fiberglass Fly Rod Building Kit. Boca Grande Ready to Wrap Kit

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