DH11 Two Handed Fly Rod Kit

  DH11 Two Handed Fly Rod Kit

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Epic DH11 Two Handed Ready to Wrap Fly Rod Kit

Inspired by the Pacific North West and specifically designed for Skagit and Scandi heads, our DH 11 two handed blank boasts a terrific amount of reserve power. S2 FastGlass Glass Fibre material makes this machine one tough customer.  Perfect for chucking big chickens, cone-heads and intruders for Salmon and Steelhead, Pole Vaulting, tilting at Windmills and poking the eyes out of fire breathing dragons.
  • Prime performance without the excessive tip bounce and rebound common in glass two handed blanks.
  • 100% Glass Fibre 
Our DH11 build kit makes putting together a two hander a piece of piss.
We've included an A grade grip & guide set that takes all the guesswork out of putting together a big rod.

Each DH11 Kit Contains:

Base Kit

  • DH11 Blank
  • Upper grip
  • Lower Grip
  • Reel Seat with trim ring
  • Rod Tube
  • Rod Sock


  • Glue Kit
  • Guides set (two high quality stainless steel stripping guides + Full Snake Brand snake set)
  • Glue Kit and Guides Sets
Recommended Grain Window: 320 - 540 grain
Recommended line weight:
 7/8/9 dependant on line system

Length: 11' 6"
Pieces: 4

Recommended Grain Window: 320 - 540 grain
Recommended line weight: 7/8/9 dependant on line system
Length: 11' 6"
Pieces: 4
Action: Progressive / Mid Flex / Medium 
Taper: Medium Fast
Butt Diameter: 14.37mm
Tip Diameter: 2.7mm
Blank Weight: 150 gm - 5.29oz 

Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank


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