376 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank

  376 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank

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The only 3 weight fly rod you'll ever need.

The 3 weight you don't have to baby-sit. Our Epic 376 is a subtle, lightweight yet very strong fly rod blank perfect for small trout, cutties and Brook Trout.

Built using FastGlass™ this is the 3 wt that really is one tough customer. Far stronger and robust than any Carbon Fibre (graphite) fly rod, the 376 allows you to fish very fine tippets and leaders yet have confidence in a rod that is tough and extremely robust.

Our Epic™ 376 is crafted from Unidirectional S2 Glass, this material is stronger & lighter than e-glass or standard s-glass.

Available in classic Moca Brown Only

Recommended Line Weight: AFTMA #3 
Pieces: 4

Recommended line weightAFTMA #3 
Length: 7'6" 
Pieces: 4 
Total length: 2,265mm 
ERN: (Unwrapped): 3 
ELN: 3
Optimal Grain Window: 95 - 120 Grains 
Effective Line Range: AFTMA 3
Action: Progressive / Mid Flex / Medium slow 
Taper: Medium 
Blank Weight: 39g 
Butt Diameter: 9.23mm (Aprox)

Fiberglass fly rod action chart
Epic Fiberglass fly rods
Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank

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Darryl Gruber


Responsive blank. Bought year ago. Only come one colour. Only one length. Is too expensive for a 3 weighted rod blank.

Pat J

The last 3 wt you will ever own

Fresh of the dryer, this rod got packed and carried up to an Alpine lake far from civilization. Right off the bat, I tied in a hopper dropper for those cutts, doing them the favor of having two juicy options. At first I had trouble tossing such a set up fishing a 4wt most of the year. After a short bit of practice, and coming to the realization that this is definitely a 3wt, I had it dialed in and casting gracefully. It's a 3 wt no matter how you look at it but it's a great 3 wt, possibly the last one you will ever own. At the time I bought it I received a sum of money for reporting a poacher and the price tag on it was 400 and change. Now it's almost 495. Since I first eyed it exactly one year ago the price has doubled. Understandably so because of our neighbors to the south, USA. I was hesitant to buy it, but now that all the rods seem to be out of reach this may also be my last epic ever, unfortunately. I got into rod building to save money and as a major creative outlet. Now I would have to be on glue to pay nearly 500$ for a blank. That's no components or anything, and hardy just released a glass rod fully built for $575 and they are one of the more prestigious companies out there to this day. So the choice is yours. Great rods, skyrocketing prices.

Alan Dawes

A sheer pleasure ...

Being less than dexterous, I was lucky enough to have Sandy Nelson build me a 376 and, as expected, it is beautiful. Leaving the looks to one side, however, it is the most pleasurable rod I've used on our UK streams and small rivers. I sometimes even use it on the local stillwater - and it will cast anything from a size 10 goldhead damsel (the largest allowed) to a size 18 dry (the smallest I can actually thread) with comfort and accuracy over a fair range of distances. Now saving up for an 888!

Steven W McLaughlin

376 blank

Thank you for shipping this to Ashleigh @ Harfin Reel Co.! He's in the process of building me a special rod! Can't wait to use it in the Pacific Northwest! Cheers!

Nick Taylor

The Biggest Little Epic

I purchased 2 of the 376 blanks not really with the intention of building one for myself just yet, but a trip to the Victorian Highlands was only 3 days away, so I put together a clean, simple build over the weekend preceding the trip. Honestly, I never thought I could possibly like a rod more than my Epic 580 Salsa, but his 376 is truly a magic wand in your hand. From close in casts in tight quarters, where barely more than leader and tippet is showing, to long straight casts up a deep, narrow gorge to a juicy looking bubble line. As with the 580, roll casts long and short are made easy with this blank. This rod turns over long leaders and tippet with ease, giving you confidence to go for a distant rising fish with a soft and tempting presentation. It is so light, 8 to 10 solid hours out on the water are not a problem (I think the finished build was around 80 grams). Many fish up to two pounds were landed on this trip and I don't think there is a better fly rod blank (glass or carbon) out there for this sort of fishing.


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