476 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank

  476 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank

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Clever as a cartload of monkeys

Looking for a shorter blank to fish in tight confined creeks but still want the backbone and pulling power of a much larger rod? - the 476 is the deal.

Our most fun casting rod (can we say that?), the 476 boxes way above it's weight, easily horsing out fish in the 2 - 3 kg range (that's 3 to 6 lbs) - and yes, we've got plenty of pics to prove it.

Our Epic™ 476 is crafted from Unidirectional S2 Glass, this material is stiffer and stronger than e-glass or standard s-glass. The 476 is a powerful and extremely accurate fly rod blank.

Recommended Line Weight: AFTMA #4 
Pieces: 4

Recommended line weightAFTMA #4 
Length: 7'6" 
Pieces:  4
Total length: 2,265mm 
ERN: (Unwrapped): 3.96 
Optimal Grain Window: 120 - 135 Grains 
Effective Line Range: AFTMA 4 / 5 
Action: Progressive / Mid Flex / Medium  
Taper: Fast 
Blank Weight: 49g 
Butt Diameter: 9.6mm (Aprox)

Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank
Epic Fiberglass fly rods
Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank

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Pat J

If three's a crowd, four's a party!!!

Been meaning to fill in one of these report cards for quite some time. The problem is, which some of you reading and dabbling on which stick to throw in the cart on payday, is that I just don't have the time to sit down and write. Now you are probably wondering why, but I will try to explain here and maybe help you with some points that will help convince your wife why this rod is more important than groceries or the roof over your head. Since I last put that epoxy on the threads and slabbed up the first hog on this rod, I have not been able to put this rod down. Work has witnessed an increase in absent days, my family doesn't know who or where I am anymore. Words to describe this rod could be ones like, bomb ass, gnarly, accurate as shit(epic doesn't seem to mind some profanity, I heard), powerful and surprisingly classic feeling and crisp in its action. If you buy this 4 weight I doubt you will need to buy anymore rods, as this here is my daily driver now on all fish hogs or dinks. However, you will always desire more rods for more applications, but this one should be in your collection and potentially on your persons at all time.

476 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank476 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank476 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank
Kancho Borisov

Really lovely taper

This is one of the best blanks that I have met by now fishing is real pleasure with epic 476

Peter Lindstr̦m

My first glass rod

As I always liked mid and full flex rods since my first Powell carbon #5 I built 25 years ago to the cane rods I am currently using I was exited to try out the 476. I got it ready just before a fishing trip to Slovenia and I am very pleased. Handle it gently and it will perform gently and present the fly with minimal disturbance but when you need to reach you can load it and the line will just fly away. Great all round rod! Took a while to adjust to the rods characteristics but when you learn it it is a joy to cast. And thank you for your excellent service. Swift and glass rules! 480 will be my next one!

Guy Hull

Love my Amber 4wt DIY rod.

Just completed rolling up my 4wt 476 Amber rod. Came up a treat. Thanks for your assistance and prompt attention, Jeanie. It'll cast its first line in a couple of days and I can hardly wait. Love fibreglass again. Looks like it'll be a longbterm love affair.

Andrew Ellis

Put a smile on your face - buy one!

In 40 years of fly fishing I've never felt compelled to write to a rod designer thanking them for their product, but having fished this rod for a few weeks I did write to Carl McNeil. I have owned an Epic 580 and 480 for about a year, both wonderful rods; but for me this little 476 is truly a marvel. Seriously, I can hardly put into words just how good this little stick is. Whether landing a dry fly like a feather or chucking tungsten bugs, casting short or long, it's so easy, it's like it's part of you. Paired with a Barrio Small Stream #4 line (a match made in heaven) this rod just sings. I do fish rivers but have limited access due to my geographical location here in the UK so am predominantly fishing still waters. As a small stream rod this excels but most people would say that a 7'6" #4 is hardly the obvious choice when tackling up to fish a lake. However, consider that most fish are caught within 60 feet, many much much closer than that, and maybe I�۪m not quite as mad as some might think? With the Barrio line it handles wind with aplomb and achieves distance that will surprise you, I mean seriously surprise you! Yet stalking rising fish in a flat calm it will land your fly delicately whether at 6 or 60+ feet and with tremendous accuracy. Hook ups are excellent, no sloppy striking with this rod. It will protect a fine tippet, has a huge amount of ���feel�۪ with a fish on, and yet it has real backbone too. You�۪re always in control so long as you play with soft hands and aren�۪t afraid to let it bend! I wonder how many have noticed how much faster you can subdue a fish with glass? So there you have it, my Salsa 476 puts a smile on my face as soon as I pick it up and I say a little thank you to Sandy Nelson, the wonderful rod builder here in the UK who recommended I try it. I�۪ve ordered a second identical rod in case the unthinkable happens and to lend to friends so they can appreciate what I�۪m banging on about, and they will��_.it�۪s that good, it�۪s Epic.


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