590 C series Carbon Fibre fly rod blank

  590 C series Carbon Fibre fly rod blank

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Advanced, High Performance Freshwater Fly.

Our Epic range of Glass Fibre is synonymous with industry leading excellence, and for anglers wanting to experience that same level of excellence in a longer, faster blank we present the Epic C series of high performance Carbon Fibre.

The Epic 590 C is an extremely light responsive blank designed specifically for dry fly, emerger and light nymph fishing for trout of all sizes.

As good as it gets.

Epic C series are a state of the art fly rod blank. The most sophisticated composite materials and production processes are used in their construction. Full Helical construction, multi modulus, All unidirectional carbon fibre and the lowest resin counts in the industry. We believe this is the most sophisticated fly rod blank available
Epic C Series advanced Carbon Fibre Fly rod blank

Developed in New Zealand, where the big fish are.

While glass shines when it comes to strength, beauty, durability and downright fly casting soul; Carbon Fibre excels for longer, lighter sticks requiring high recovery speeds.

Epic C (Carbon) series fly rod blanks are high performance fishing tools. The lockup point develops in the top third of the blank, and although recovery rates are fast, the Epic C series would best be described as Mid Flex (Orvis) or Medium fast (Sage).They are light without sacrificing strength (lighter than the equivalent Sage Method btw) and they look absolutely stunning.

Yes, the Epic C series boasts tech’ spec’s and features coming out our collective ferrules - hit the “Specifications” tab above to get at all that.

Techno’ speak and features aside, I genuinely believe these are the very best Carbon Fibre fly rod blanks made - and that the 5 weight in particular is the finest 9ft 5 wt I have ever cast - and that’s quite a few.

Carl McNeil

IFFF Master Fly Casting Instructor
Fly Fisher

Taper: Medium / Fast
Action: medium Fast / Mid Flex
Recovery: Fast
Recommended line weight: AFTMA #5 
Length: 9'
Pieces: 4
Weight: 40g / 1.41oz

Taper: Medium / Fast
Action: Medium Fast  / Mid Flex
Lockup point: Top third
Butt Diameter: 8.7mm
Resonant Frequency: 3.3 Hz
Material: 57msi Carbon Blend
Core: VeroCore Carbon Helix
Recommended line weight: AFTMA #5 
Length: 9'
Pieces: 4
Weight: 40g / 1.41oz
Action Angle: 70 degrees
ELN: 5 
Optimal Grain Window: 130 - 155 Grains 

100%  Carbon Construction.
The carbon helix core boasts true 100% carbon construction. These blanks contain no scrim.

100% Uni-directional material - Non Woven.
Super light-weight construction and superior strength. Non woven Uni-directional material is up to 40% stronger than traditional woven material commonly used by fly rod manufacturers.  A non woven fiber can achieve 100% of its tensile and compressive loading. Unidirectional material affords super light weight construction and superior strength.

CTS VeroCore Carbon Helix.
The CTS helical core forms the basis for hoop strength and fibre support in the zero/longitudinal axis and does away with traditional scrim based construction. 

Super Low Resin Systems.
Utilising materials with resin content up to 30% less than conventional materials, Epic C series blanks are lighter and stronger. Low resin materials help increase bending limits & overall response.

Multi Carbon Construction (Multi modulus).
Using only the highest quality fabrics from USA, Japan and Korea, up to five different types of carbon are used in each blank. Each type is placed at various parts of the blank to optimize strength and weight. CTS's ultra high modulus fibre boasts the highest tensile and compressive strength of any fibre in its class.

Internal High Strength Ferrule.
A high strength internal ferrule is placed at each join to provide superior crush and split resistance. 

Target Zero Fibre Alignment.
Fibre alignment along the length of any blank is critical. Even the smallest deviation in fibre alignment from the axis of load will greatly reduce the strength of the blank. All CTS blanks are designed and produced to ensure all fiber is aligned as near perfect as can be with the load

Two pack Marine Grade Paint system.
Epic C series blanks are finished with a clear marine grade two pack paint system for extra protection and toughness. 

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    Peter Mulbjerg

    Not much to say really

    And I don't mean that in a negative way, far from it actually. But there are really only a few things to say about this Epic 590 Carbon. If you are looking for what I call a trout rod, this is it. It will do all you ask of it with finesse and precision. It's light in the hand and a joy to use all day. Those who have tried it agree. Simply the finest 5 weight I have ever fished. When it all ends, this one will go with me to Valh̦ll........

    Zeb Tonkavich

    The Epic Carbon Series.

    Andrea and I have been beating around on the 590C (Andrea) and 690C (myself) for slightly over a year now. First impressions; mmmm black, I love the image of the raw carbon in lightly sanded state. At this point of the inspection phase I realized they are crazy light for a 5 and 6 line. Who doesn't love a light rod? From a build stand point the tubes are relatively small diameter. The spigot overlap is deep which gives the rod a very unified feel in hand when assembled. The blank finish doesn't impede wrapping like some blanks with a higher unsanded ridge. They are true to line weight and I've found them to be understated by less than a half step on average. The 5 clocking at roughly 5.30 and the 6 somewhere slightly above at 6.49 The recovery rate is fast and with very little of the overall weight is in the tip section. This creates for a very nimble maneuverable end product. Behind that light tip is plenty of power. Which creates a great blend of close range delicacy (throwing just from the tip) and the ability to throw long distance bombs (engaging the rod along the full length) with in hand feel. It offers limitless potential, and fishes well across a broad spectrum. On water experience. The Carbon series has plenty of power for long lifts, tandem rigs, and aggressive double hauls. The lite and delicate tip telegraphs exceptionally well when dredging the bottom with weighted nymphs. Streamers on sink tips are a nonissue as well. Hooked up on a fish the rod shows all the characteristics of the Epic brand. Composed and confident, with a sacrificial tip that takes a quick curve defending lighter tippets. We have put some fish of size on both and the rod doesn't care both have plenty of down low power for steering fish even in fast water. I could go on and on, but simply these are extremely proficient capable rods that can not be dismissed. Zeb Tonkavich Snowman Custom Rod Works www.Snowmancustomrodworks.com

    Ed Shaw

    An excellent fly rod blank

    This is an excellent fly rod blank. A a blank that perfectly balances action, stiffness and strength. It is very light. Quality is A1.


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