690 C Carbon Fiber Fly Rod

  690 C Carbon Fiber Fly Rod

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Advanced, High Performance Fly

The Epic 690 C is a custom tuned, advanced, lightweight, and highly responsive fly rod designed for technical dry fly, streamer and nymph fishing for trout of all sizes.

As Good as it Gets.
Epic C Series Carbon Fiber fly rods are state of the art. Every hand crafted 690 C boasts the very finest components available and each rod is commissioned, hand crafted and individually tuned for the customer that purchases it. 

When purchasing one of our advanced carbon fibre rods you can be confident that you are investing in premium engineering, componentry and craftsmanship.

The Epic Action.
The lockup point develops in the top third of the blank, and although recovery rates are fast (faster than the Scott Radian for example) the Epic C series would best be described as Medium Fast in action. Epic C Series are light without sacrificing strength (our blank is lighter, yet has a thicker wall section than the equivalent Sage Method, and that's because these blanks have the lowest resin counts in the industry)

Studio Built. Handcrafted, One at a Time. Really.
Choose the options you'd like on your Epic fly rod and we'll build it for you with tender loving care right here in our Wanaka Studio. Each Studio built fly rod is handcrafted specifically for you from start to finish and each is identified by a unique laser engraved winding check registered against your name in our owners database. Allow two to three weeks for your build - we'll be in touch with details.

*(Our mates from America call it graphite, but here in New Zealand we know it as carbon fibre)

As Good as it Gets.

Epic C Series Carbon Fiber fly rods are state of the art, each hand crafted fly rod boasts the very finest components available: 

  • Titanium stripping guide with Japanese Silicon Carbide insert. 
  • Premium quality Portuguese cork grip in your choice of style.
  • Japanese silk wraps.
  • Genuine Snake Brand Guides in black nickel (USA) 
  • CNC Bar stock Alloy reel seat that will last a lifetime. 

At the heart of each of these fly rods is the most sophisticated fly rod blank made.

  • Multi-modulus - Multiple types of carbon are used in each blank.
  • Vero Helical core - Scrimless construction.
  • Unidirectional Carbon Fibre (non woven) - up to 40% stronger than traditional woven material commonly used by fly rod manufacturers.  
  • Unique internally reinforced ferrule system 
  • Super Low Resin Systems - The lowest resin counts in the industry. Utilising materials with resin content up to 30% less than conventional materials, Epic C series blanks are lighter and stronger.

Taper: Medium / Fast
Action: Medium Fast  / Mid Flex
Lockup point: Top third
Resonant Frequency: 3.3 Hz
Material: 57msi Carbon Blend
Core: VeroCore Carbon Helix
Recommended line weight: AFTMA #6
Length: 9'
Pieces: 4
Weight: 102g / 3.5oz
Action Angle: 70 degrees
ERN: 6 
ELN: 6 
Optimal Grain Window: 130 - 155 Grains 

  • 100%  Carbon Construction.
    The carbon helix core boasts true 100% carbon construction. These blanks contain no scrim.
  • 100% Uni-directional material - Non Woven.
    Super light-weight construction and superior strength. Non woven Uni-directional material is up to 40% stronger than traditional woven material commonly used by fly rod manufacturers.  A non woven fiber can achieve 100% of its tensile and compressive loading. Unidirectional material affords super light weight construction and superior strength.
  • CTS VeroCore Carbon Helix.
    The CTS helical core forms the basis for hoop strength and fibre support in the zero/longitudinal axis and does away with traditional scrim based construction. 
  • Super Low Resin Systems.
    Utilising materials with resin content up to 30% less than conventional materials, Epic C series blanks are lighter and stronger. Low resin materials help increase bending limits & overall response.
  • Multi Carbon Construction (Multi modulus).
    Using only the highest quality fabrics from USA, Japan and Korea, up to five different types of carbon are used in each blank. Each type is placed at various parts of the blank to optimize strength and weight. CTS's ultra high modulus fibre boasts the highest tensile and compressive strength of any fibre in its class.
  • Internal High Strength Ferrule.
    A high strength internal ferrule is placed at each join to provide superior crush and split resistance. 
  • Target Zero Fibre Alignment.
    Fibre alignment along the length of any blank is critical. Even the smallest deviation in fibre alignment from the axis of load will greatly reduce the strength of the blank. 


    We guarantee everything we make. 
    If one of our products fails to meet your expectations either at the time you receive it, or over the next 30 days, contact us and we'll arrange a total refund and return at our cost, anywhere in the world.

    In the extremely unlikely event that you don't love one of our fly rods, we'll not only refund 100% and ship back at our cost, but we'll also buy you a beer for your troubles.  

    Due to the international nature of our business, beer will most likely be provided by way of a crisp New Zealand $10 note from our owners wallet, sent to you personally.
    (this has never actaully happend by the way - so who knows, we might just turn up personally)

    All our Epic Studio Built Fly Rods also carry a lifetime warranty.


     The Epic Beer Promise

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