The Bandit

  The Bandit

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Trouble, meet El Bandito.

At 7'9" for a 10# the Epic Bandit was originally designed for turning massive Australian Murray Cod.
A specialist tactical blank, the Bandit will make short work of large species in confined situations.
A perfect choice for Musky and monster Pike, and big Carp.

The easy casting soul and incredible strength of S2 FastGlass™
S2 FastGlass™ - not your papa’s fiberglass fly rod. 
Epic™ blanks are made to exacting standards using a proprietary Unidirectional S2-glass composite. Unlike other fiberglass fly rods, this material features a fully unidirectional fibre layup which aligns fibres longitudinally along the blank where they are most needed. This recipe, rolled to our Epic tapers combine silky smooth loading with trophy pulling power that we call FastGlass.The result is an incredibly strong, light and powerful tube with a crisp, precise response.

Built Epic Tough
Epic glass rods are incredibly tough. Our S2 FastGlass has a far higher strength-to-weight ratio than Carbon fibre (graphite) rods. Epic FastGlass rods can endure more acute and severe bends than the equivalent Carbon fibre, tip sections are stronger and far less susceptible to breakages due to high-sticking and problematic rod angels when pulling against load.

Finished in metallic gold green

Recommended line weight: #10

Length: 7' 9"
Pieces: 3

*The Bandit is also available as a Ready to Wrap Fly Rod Kit

Recommended line weight: #10
Length: 7' 9"
Pieces: 3
Action: Progressive / Fast
Taper: Fast
Butt Diameter: 12.85mm
Tip Diameter: 2.29mm
Blank Weight: 80g - 2.8oz 

Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank


"It’s this feature of the Bandit that blew my mind when I began testing it: It will happily cast any line from a 6wt DT to a 12wt Rio OBS, with the sweet spot between 8wt and 10wt. Since it can load itself during casts with light lines, a 6wt line put over it seems to feel somewhat like casting a (heavy) 6wt CF rod. At the other end of the spectrum, the 12wt did bog it down somewhat, but the reserve of power in the big butt section will pull it through without complaint. I liken it to a big V8 diesel engine with low end torque that’s a pleasure to draw into." 
Read the complete review here

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    Helmut Schlagmann

    5 star

    The Bandit


    Love the Epic Bandit

    My Bandit is on its second season now - I love it ! I like rods with low swing weight due to earlier tendonitis problems, and this is a perfect one for me - This rod feels light in the hand - and is a great caster - it loads easy, quick enough to get a good loop in some wind and throw that snook fly under the mangroves. It is indeed close to a perfect "Everglades boat rod" in my opinion - for Baby Tarpon, Snook or Redfish, where you (mostly) have medium length casts, quick reaction needed, and accuracy imperative.... Probably a good Pike rod, wish I had this one when I lived in Ontario. I do know it is really good at throwing some bigger bass bugs too.... The Bandit is not for wading, but for that you get the 990 (or 888 which I still have to try..). In essence, the rod really shines when it comes to accurate short to medium casts for larger fish with some meaty flies.. It really does so exceedingly well!! I use a Rio Outbound 8 weight on it (it is really a 10 wt head ...) It performs wonderfully with that particular line and a large fly (think bass bug or heavy streamer...). I have fished the rod for larger Tarpon as well, but for that now use my Epic Boca instead, the Bandit was not built for those huge slugfests (IMHO)...But I can't wait to use this rod for the stripers and blues out at Montauk this summer. I would also recommend this rod/blank highly to someone wanting to venture out of graphite and into glass - as a first rod - it does make that transition easier due to the way this blank was designed, in my humble opinion. Thanks guys!



    bravissimi!!! excellent seller Galliano - Italy


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