476 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank

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  • Clever as a cartload of monkeys

    The best 4wt Fiberglass fly rod blank money can buy - Now in FastGlass II™
    Looking for a shorter top quality fiberglass fly rod blank to fish in tight confined creeks but still want the backbone and pulling power of a much larger rod? - the 476 is the deal.
    The 476 is a powerful, light, lively and extremely accurate fly rod blank.

    Our most fun casting rod (can we say that?), the 476 boxes way above it's weight, easily horsing out fish in the 2 - 3 kg range (that's 3 to 6 lbs) - and yes, we've got plenty of pics to prove it.

    FastGlass II
    The Epic™ 476 is produced from industry leading Zentron 8 micron Unidirectional S-2 Glass. This next generationfiber is specifically engineered for fly rod production and features 8 micronfibers developed and produced in the USA. These fibres are almost half the diameter of other unidirectional materials, resulting in a tighter, more precise and stronger material. 

    Not sanded and not unsanded. Our SnakeBelly™ finish is produced by a unique radial production process. SnakeBelly™ delivers the toughest exterior finish possible. After production, blanks are first painted and then clear coated. This two step process produces blanks that are incredibly scratch resistant and very durable.

    Sure Fit Ferule
    This ferule system is so precise that parts interchange between models. Gone are the days of having to return a broken section to the manufacturer or outlet where you purchased from. Breakages can be addressed by simply sending out the replacement part.

    Recommended Line Weight: AFTMA #4 
    Length: 7'6"
    Pieces: 4
    Material: FastGlass II 8 micron Zentron
    Finish: SnakeBelly 

  • Specifications

    Recommended line weightAFTMA #4 
    Length: 7'6" 
    Pieces:  4
    Total length: 2,265mm 
    ERN: (Unwrapped): 3.96 
    Optimal Grain Window: 120 - 135 Grains 
    Effective Line Range: AFTMA 4 / 5 
    Action:Progressive / Mid Flex / Medium  
    Taper: Fast 
    Blank Weight: 49g 
    Butt Diameter: 9.6mm (Aprox)

    4wt Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank Epic 476 FastGlass
    4wt Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank Epic 476 FastGlass
    4wt Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank Epic 476 FastGlass

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