Dewitt 4 Compartment Shatterproof Fly Box

  Dewitt 4 Compartment Shatterproof Fly Box

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A classic. In 1942, Bill DeWitt’s compartmented plastic box revolutionized the market for light weight storage and packaging needs.

The Dewitt Lightweight 4 Compartment Shatterproof Fly box. Perfect for streamers and big lures.

The original Dewitt shatterproof fly box has been designed to be the toughest plastic boxes you can buy. They are incredibly simple and of flawless design.

These fly boxes are made from a crystal clear, rugged, shatterproof acrylic. They are incredibly tough and will outlast any other fly box. Every hinge on every box is stainless steel and brass riveted for longest life. This important detail, in combination with high performance molded-in friction catches and positive stacking feature, offers what we and many others believe to be the best fly boxes in the industry. No more hunting around to find the right fly box, the crystal clear construction makes fly selection fast and easy. The Fly Box that won't weigh you down. Does your fly vest weigh 40 pounds? - most of that weight will be from your large bulky plastic fly boxes.  Save your back and get a box that is not only crystal clear but super light weight Dewitt shatterproof fly boxes provide the ideal combination of design, durability and light weight, the perfect companion to vests, and are the best dry fly boxes for holding larger dry flies without crushing the hackle. We've tried about every fly box imaginable, from C&F to the classic Wheatley's. These fly boxes are the absolute best there is.
  • Shatterproof - virtually unbreakable
  • Will not crack or discolor
  • Crystal clear - instantly see what's inside
  • High quality stainless steel hinge
  • light weight (68g)
Size: 4 Compartment.  5 11/16 x 3 1/4 x 7/8 in 14.4 x 8.3 x 2.2 cm 1020-CNew


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