Epic Reviews

6wt fast glass
"Love this rod. Marginally slower than a carbon but very sweet action. Not had much chance to use it where I am intending (snaggy bream areas in the salt) but a few casts have proven a lot of fun. "
Neil M.
Poetry In Motion
"What can I say, lined up my new 590C for a cast in the park and was blown away. It is so smooth, so sweet, and just so responsive — now that Ive fished it a few times these qualities transfer so well to the water, I love this fly rod. Thanks Swift team!"
Al Grant
The original Bad Ass Glass!
"That Blue! Great casting and a ton of reserve power, exactly what I need for our big Louisiana Redfish. Thank you."
Epic Amazing
"Epic Amazing, just friggin amazing - I’m lost for words, did I say this thing is amazing???!!"
Kim Hanks
A Killer Blank
"So much better !!! Give us more!"
World beater
"590C is the smoothest blank ever, a dram to builds, better to fish!"
Fred G
The Green Monster
"IT’s green it’s a monster and I love it."
Love it
"LOVE THIS ROD. Went for the classic cap and ring seat and love its simplicity. Smoothest casting rod I’ve had the pleasure off fishing. Great work."
Brain Oniell
So much better than Budget junk!
"Tried cheap glass rods from Blue Halo and Echo - total junk from China I believe, cast a buddies Epic and was sold. These are great rods"
These Are fly casters blanks
"Carl is a master fly caster and it shows in his designs, these things cast anything out of the park."
Pier S
Epic 68Sexy!
"It’s all true, all of it. So good to cast, seems to be bullet proof. Service was the best ever and my Salsa 686 is a thing of beauty. This was my first Epic Studio Fly rod but it will certainly not be the last. Thanks!"
Michael Edwards II - WA
Simply stunning
"The 690C is an amazingly good fly rod blank. Perfect all the way and smooth as silk!"
Another powerful Eric
"Great to see this 10 come through, its a powerhouse and perfect for big flats species Jacks etc cant wait!"
Pier S
Another Great Epic Kit
"The kit is up to the usual Epic standards, which is to say that it's very, very excellent. All of the components are top-notch, and I can't wait to finish the build and start fishing. This is my 5th kit from Epic, so I'm clearly a happy customer. If I could find a justification for more rods, I'd definitely buy another."
Clayton M.
A surprising blend of delicacy and power
"I'm very cynical of five star reviews as they almost seem to good to be true but here I am posting a five star review. Yep the rod is that good! I bought the rod to fish heavy tungsten bead head nymphs, small to medium sized streamers and hopefully to do a passable job of fishing smaller dry flies should I come across an opportunity to do so. A kind of comprise take one rod rod. The rod does all this without missing a beat, a long leader and a small dry fly presents well enough at close range (not as nice as the epic Epic 476) and yet hitting the far bank with a tungsten beaded 4 inch streamer isn't taxing. The rod casts fantastically, it's a nice relaxed smooth powerful casting rod. The power just builds as the rod flexes deeper and deeper, it almost seems to have a second gear and that really helps to find the delicacy vs raw power depending upon what is needed on a particular cast. My first kit and order from Swift. Living in Europe I was slightly worried about customs, import duty and delivery times but really I shouldn't have been as it was all very smooth, quick and easy. My only very minor complaints would be 1. The lack of a winding check in the ready to wrap kit. Yes you can use silk as suggested but a winding check looks so much nicer, particularly if you have a silver reel seat and silver winding check rather than black silk with a silver reel seat. 2. I would rather use threadmaster lite than standard threadmaster as supplied with the kit as it's easier to get a better finish with threadmaster lite."
You won’t put it down
"Like most serous fly anglers I have a bunch or fly rods, most high end and expensive from various manufactures. This is my second Epic and I love it. Smooth, powerful and a ton of reserve power when needed - it’s become my go to streamer rod."
David R - MA
Build quality
"Quality Quality Quality. My goodness, I’ll be back for another Epic!"
Tommy Weber
590c & turning motor
"recieved my 590c kit a few weeks ago. Every thing looks really top class. Even the box it comes in is just so cleverly designed. Have not started to build the rod yet as a couple of weeks in hospital has slowed me down a bit. Assembling the kit has given me some thing to really look forward to & am very excited about that. Have read the instruction booklet & after a couple of times every thing is explained in great detail & understandable to me. Keep up the good work guys & I will post again when the rod is finished. Regards Ritchie Bailey."
Richard B.
As Expected
"Yep, another Epic from Epic. Light, easy casting, and perfect finishing. - these guys are batting 100, thanks!"
Mike Lomabrd
Epic 890C
"Another great Epic!"
Alpo Sed
An 8, and its’t great!!!
"You can tell these are designed by a fly caster they are such good casting fly blanks"
"Best rod I own hands down, wouldn’t mind it in another colour outside black, but damn it’s a nice casting fly rod"
Danny M
Simply the best
"We run a bunch of rods and get all sorts on board - these are the best and the customers say so."
Cpt Jan
Smooth as Silk, poer to urn
"690C all the way - with I could hang on to one for myself!"
Does everything!
"I use my Bandit just about all the time now, it will cast a 6 to a 12 and is the perfect Kayak fishing rod at 8ft."
Brian Fox
A Revelation
"I really thought that nowadays top end rods where pretty much all the same - they are not. I cast a buddies Epic and was really impressed, ordered mine and I can tell you that these rods are standouts. I’m a Certified Casting Instructor and have probably cast every fly rod made in the past 20 years. Carls Epics are a cut above, both in terms of Castabilty but also in quality of construction and comments used. These are true fly fishing sticks, so far removed from stiff stiff grass casting sticks were used to seeing. Well done to Swift."
G - Montana
A great addition
"Good to see this 10 added to the Epic lineup, as usually great rod and great service from a great company"
Dave Sutkliffe
About time
"Been waiting for this and was not dissipated, thanks guys another great Epic!"
Amanda P
You can tell!
Shane B
10 wt
"Epic just got better"