Epic Reviews

DH13 7wt - A thing of beauty
"Let me start of by saying that iv had a little bit of experience building rods. I think it would be around 30-40 rods over about as many years. I'm no expert like the team at Swift but iv got a reasonable idea as to what I'm doing, when it comes to building a rod. I was a little daunted at building a 6 piece 13' rod as there are quite a few wraps to do on a rod like that. Well I shouldn't have worried. The blank was the straightest blank iv ever experienced with no perceivable backbone at all. Usually a blank has a very slight bend in it. Something that most fishers don't spot but a rod builder with a keen eye will spot. Well there was non what so ever in this blank. Truly laser straight. I tired and tried to find a backbone to the sections, but there was either very little or non, which makes building a rod a breeze. Iv never experience this in the 30+ rods iv built. Talk about top notch blanks!! As with other Swift kits iv built everything fitted like a glove and was super straight forward. Id recommend this kit to someone that has never built a rod before, it was that easy. IF your feeling daunted at building a rod like this, don't be. Dive in and grab one now. Carl has managed to produce a range of rods that are all casting machines. Not stiff lifeless rods, and defiantly not wobbly noodles. IF you haven't cast any of the Epic rods, then get one in your hand ASAP, you wont be disappointed! PS. I love the 7wt so much that I'm going to splash out and get the 6wt as well. There just such a lovely rod to cast, you have to own more than one!"
Fraser H.
Epic Hoodie
"One of my favourite by far keeps me warm whilst fishing and rod building. With the Hoodie not being loud at all,one can wear it out. It’s amazing how many people start talking fishing if they see your into it as well. Quality is amazing will be ordering more...but don’t tell wifey ;-)"
Sven B.
A great build every time
"Carl has filed it with this one, banks designed by fly casters make all the difference!"
Fred G
Awesome leaders. Great customer service
"Strongest leaders I’ve ever used. The shipping was prompt and the customer service was phenomenal! Thanks!"
Roger Y.
You wont be disappointed
"Like everything these guys do the Epic 890C is flawless. Progressive, plenty of power and super accurate. This was my rod of choice on my recent Belize trip and soon became the favourite fo our guides as well. Keep up the great work Epic"
Greg Inness
What a great fly rod
"The Epic Bandit is everything a fly rod should be. Service was great and shipped over from New Zealand in about 5 days - I cant get stuff from one coast to the other in that time."
Buy it
"I’ll save you the blurb - it’s great, buy it."
"Jus love the new Finnish! (see what I did there!!!)"
Mike H.
Real fly rod blanks
"10th build, and won be the last based on this blank."
Walter P
Love it
"A great blank and a pleasure to build on cant wait to get it bent"
Albert R.
Customer demanded it!
"Customer cast one and demanded this blank, I can see why"
10 wt bliss
"An Epic 10 - perfect!"
Alfonso K
686 kit
"So far so good I will post when I am finished Thank you!"
gerard m.
Premium Quality
"These blanks and the Swift teams are a class act."
Walter P.
Epic Glassline WF #5 wt
"Good line. Scientific angler. Pairs nicely with the rod."
Michael S.
5wt - 590C Carbon Fibre Ready to Wrap Kit - great to cast
"I recently had a cast of an Epic carbon #5 wt and was impressed enough to order the kit. The rod seemed to cast more smoothly and with way more precision than the rods I have been using. I built the 5wt - 590C Carbon Fibre from the Ready to Wrap Kit from Epic.My first rod build and I think it went quite well. I used an old BBQ Rotisserie motor for the rod dryer and this worked very effectively. I have cast the rod in the park and it feels and performs like the one I tried. Smooth, precise and more consistent tight loops than I have been able to produce previously! The kit has everything needed and Carl's instruction booklet is a winner. If I built it again I would probably want black and white thread instead of the black and natural which came with the kit. A winding check would be nice too, but the thread works fine. The kit came with the bonus #5wt Epic Glassline which seems to suit the blank. Looking forward to the start of the season to try the rod out for real. May even have to return to Wanaka for a fish (fesh?)!"
Michael S.
Not sure what is better
"The Service from this company is just so good - unheard off anywhere these days and certainly not in any fly shop I’ve been in to. The rod arrived very promptly in 3 days here in the States and is of impeccable quality - cant wait to put a big bend in it!"
Sandy M
Very nice indeed
"Really nice, light but plenty of power too cut through those Caribbean breezes. -fished very well indeed!"
Nigel White
I love this fly rod
"What can I say, I love it. That blue is so amazing."
Sall M.
Not disappointed
"How could I be?! - It’s an Epic!"
Warren Hies
A cut above
"Just a killer blank"
Another great Epic florid blank!
"Epic all the way, quality blanks, quality service from people who know!"
Wayne T
Where have you been?!
"Here have you been Epic, Im so glad we’ve met, were gona have a great relationship!"
Perfectly Smooth, great product
"Smooth progressive taper, the Epic Packlight is a wonderfull fly rod blank!"
Tony R.
"What can I say, it’s perfect."
Michael W.
"This is great drying patch!"
10 for the 10
"You need more stars. It’s stellar. Thanks, Aaron"
Cant be Faulted
"Like all Epic fly rods the 890C cannot be faulted"
Don’t build on anything else
"Powerful and smooth casting 10wt, was a pleasure to build on as usual"
Pier S
Best fly blanks
"Best blanks full stop."
Walter P