Stroft Fly Fishing Tippet Material & Tapered Leaders. 


Stroft produce the absolute strongest leader and tippet material available.

STROFT GTM tippet material is the strongest in the world, it is absolutely unrivalled for strength vs diameter, tensile strength and knot strength - the best, number 1, none better.
  • More competition anglers and top pro guides use STROFT tippet & Tapered leaders than any other brand.
  • STROFT® is a monofilament nylon that has been formulated and treated during production to produce a high-strength, controlled-stretch material. This produces tippet material & Tapered leaders that are incredibly strong, and have a very small cross sectional diameter
  • A typical example is the 0.20 mm (.008inch, 3X) STROFT® with a strength of 4.20 kg (9.2 lbs).
  • This is 30% stronger than some other popular high-strength nylon tippets.
  • STROFT® also provides superior knot strength. STROFT® GTM is produced using a multi-level tempering (heat-treatment) process to remove material stresses formed during extrusion, cooling, and drawing.
In this way, over the years, STROFT have been able to adjust the refining and tuning process so that characteristics such as dynamc friction, adhesion, surface hardness, surface smoothness, elastic limit, breaking strength, minimal-load elongation, strike elongation, fighting elongation, sensibility, feed back, memory, flexibility and softness have been persistently improved. 
All this makes STROFT GTM tippet material and tapered leaders the perfect whenever knot strength in combination with all the other attbributes of a top quality fishing line are in demand. STROFT GTM is the right tippet material for all anglers who only want the best quality, the No. 1.
  • STROFT GTM is very soft and supple making it perfect for near drag free presentations on dry flies, small nymphs and emergers.
  • STROFT ABR has the same strength characteristics as GTM but is an abrasion resistant material - It is slightly stiffer and harder than GTM making it an excellent choice for turing over big flies and saltwater fly fishing

You will not find a better tippet material than those made by STROFT

Stroft fly fishing Tippet and leaders Strongest Tippet

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