Build On The Best. The World's Best Fly Rod Blanks. 

Unique finishes, sophisticated ferrule systems, and proprietary composite materials make Epic fly rod blanks unlike anything else. The worlds finest fly rods are built on Epic fly rod blanks

Smooth Like Silk, Sweet like Honey. 

No other fly rod blank casts quite like an Epic. Cast one and be amazed.

Tough - FastGlass, Industry leading Unidirectional S2 Fiberglass Fly Rod Blanks.

The world's most advanced fiberglass fly rod blank. Epic FastGlass® is produced from industry leading 8 micron Unidirectional S-2 Glass. This next generation fiber is specifically engineered for fly rod production and features 8 micron fibers developed and produced for us in the USA. These fibers are almost half the diameter of other unidirectional materials, resulting in a tighter, more precise and stronger material. 

Smooth and Light - Carbon Fiber / Graphite Fly Rod Blanks

Epic C Series Nano Silica Matrix with Helical Core

Nano-tech silica nano matrix carbon fibre. Light, smooth and incredibly responsive. Industry leading technology - Click on the Nano Tech carbon Fibre Link on side menu to read more.

Sure Fit Ferule™

Break a tip? we've got you covered  This ferule system is so precise that parts interchange between models. These are not spigot ferrules, but are a hand ground slip-over design.

Gone are the days of having to return a broken section to the manufacturer and waiting weeks or even months for a replacement section. Breakages can be fixed by simply sending out the replacement part immediately. 


Our SnakeBelly™ finish is produced by a unique radial production process. SnakeBelly™ delivers the toughest exterior finish possible. After production, blanks are first painted and then clear coated. This two step process produces blanks that are incredibly scratch resistant and very durable.


Best 4wt In The Bizz

"This might very well be the best four weight in the bizz. Have yet to find a more pleasurable rod, glass or graphite. Lots of soul, quick recovery." - George Minculete - TightLoop Fly Rods


Flawless Fly Rod Blanks

"The fit and finish of the blank is of the highest quality that any previous customer has come to expect. Once it was finished, the owner took it outside and really enjoyed it. Then, it was my turn. I over-lined the rod with a 6.5 weight line for shorter casts and it was incredibly crisp and accurate. There was very little-to-no oscillations of the rod tip. There is a ton of "feel" with a great sense of power. It was a pleasure to build and to cast. The word has to get out! This blank is amazing!" - J. N.

There's No Better Fly Rod Blank 

"I use many fly rod blanks from many suppliers but always keep coming back to Carl and his Epics,  there are none better!  Thanks guys!" - Sam

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