The Boca Grande

  The Boca Grande

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The Mighty Boca Grande FastGlass Fly Rod

A Heavyweight without the heavy weight.
Classy, glassy and an absolute ass kicker. The mighty Boca Grande is an incredibly tough and resilient 12 weight fly rod.

Lets be be frank here. 12 weight graphite rods tend to be as stiff as broomsticks, far from enjoyable to cast and get one under serious load and they're prone to exploding. (Carbon fibre experiences what is technically termed "Catastrophic failure" - Glass Fibre does not)

We wanted to build an extremely tough 12 weight fly rod that was enjoyable & fun to cast and could easily pull about 24lbs / 11 kg.

The Blank.
The Boca blank is a marvel of composites engineering. Our prime design consideration was to keep weight down while delivering fast recovery speed. Fully unidirectional S2 FastGlass delivers super strength and resilience without the weight.

The Shiny Bits. 
The components on the rod had to be the best we could source so we went for 3 premium Titanium stripping guides fitted with Japanese SiC inserts. We fit the rest of the blank out in Snake Brand dark nickel snakes - these are the most salt resistant guides we could find (Salt fog tests by Snake Brand prove it)

Ferrule System.
Each ferrule is internally reinforced with a small additional flag of glass fibre material, each ferule is then over wrapped with a magnum length Japanese silk wrap and then finished with three coats of premium epoxy finish.

Reel Seat.
Our famous Epic alloy reel seat is a one piece CNC machined work of art. This reel seat will outlast you, your boat and your guide. Your kids will be fishing with this fly rod.

The Boca is fitted with our wickedly comfortable modified Full Wells grip - this thing is so comfortable you'll want to sleep in it. And like everything we do, it has substance to it - this grip is not one of those arty fart hipster slim grips that look good but kill your hand. This is something to really get your mitts around!

The Finish.
Each Boca is painted in luscious Aqua using a two pot marine grade paint system. And the final step? - we polish each rod AND rod tube with Mothers California Gold®  Brazilian Carnauba Wax. No kidding.

This is the most beautiful, most functional fly rod you will ever own.

Each handcrafted Boca Grande Fly rod features:

  • Unique fully unidirectional S2 Glass Fibre blank (FastGlass)
  • Internally reinforced ferrule system
  • 3 x Titanium stripper guides with Japanese SiC inserts - Rust proof
  • Rust proof Snake Brand dark nickel Universal guides, USA
  • Our world famous fiberglass rod tube
  • Hand sewn rod sock
  • Finest quality Portuguese cork grip, our wickedly good Full Wells / Ritz design
  • Large cork fighting butt (no shitty closed cell foam to be found in our workshop)
  • Epic reel seat in Titanium or black finish
Recommended line weight: #12

Length: 8'6"
Pieces: 4
Weight: 156 gm - 5.5oz 

Recommended line weight: #12
Length: 8' 6"
Pieces: 4
Action: Progressive / Medium
Taper: Fast
Weight: 156 gm - 5.5oz 

Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank


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